Beth Geer's spiritual background is rich and diverse.  

She has had a multitude of psychic, paranormal, and deeply profound spiritual experiences throughout her life, beginning around the tender age of 5 years old.  

While raised Catholic, she has also practiced tarot reading for over 20 years, is a Reiki Master, psychic and medium.  She is also a licensed pharmacist currently working in the retail setting.   

Though her religious and spiritual background appears to be contradictory, it is this very contrast that has given her an unusual open-mindedness towards God and life.  

And now, something extraordinary has begun to unfold.  

After spending over 10 years studying the enigmatic book, A Course In Miracles, she began to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit open up within her, unlocking a powerful message from Him that she is deeply compelled to share with all of us.  

Beth promises that this message is simple and easy to understand, and that it will change your life forever.  Once you hear this message, you won't be able to go back to your old way of being, or look at the world the same again.  

It is a happy message of love, healing, spiritual transformation, and awakening.  Beth doesn't mean to spoil the ending; but everything's going to be okay.  Yes, for every last one of us.

Beth lives in a log home on a 40 acre hobby farm in rural Minnesota, with her husband Paul, their two children Miranda and Samuel, along with many pet animals including: horses, cats, chickens, hamsters, parakeets, fish and a loving Rottweiler named Freya.  

She has compiled much of what she’s learned in her highly acclaimed first book, “Awakening To One Love: uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”and her deck of Divine Messages scribed from the Holy Spirit titled, “Awakening Cards: 52 Divine Messages.”  

You can also regularly receive the latest Divine Messages as she has received from the Holy Spirit through signing up on her email list HERE.




Artist Bio

      Kenneth Laugen is a renowned self-taught artist hailing from Trondheim Norway, who began his career as a hobby back in 1993. Since then, he has had his artwork published and featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles. At the beginning of his career he taught at the Gerard Schoenings school for youth with special social and learning disabilities for 14 years. There he taught a variety of subjects such as painting, drawing, blacksmithing, photography, music, and video production. He has been a successful fine art painter for the last 20 years, and has had exhibitions across Europe in over 25 galleries.

     Many feel Kenneth's artwork is deeply spiritual, but he doesn't like to label his art; leaving the interpretation up to the experiencer.

     Kenneth works from a personal studio located in the countryside just outside Trondheim, called Studio Laaven. He has his own gallery there, where he holds 3 exhibitions every year.

     Painting fills most of his days, but being a visual artist, he often takes his camera out into nature in search of inspiration. His drawing pad is never far from his side, and he is always seeking new ideas. Painting is more than a career to him; it's a lifestyle.

     Apart from all this, he enjoys training in the martial arts, riding his motorcycle, and working on it in the winter months. Winter is also a time he enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

     Kenneth is also the father of two children.