Welcome to a deck of inspirational cards that will bring you comfort and deep inner peace.

It is a deck that once put to use, will bring you miracles, for peace is the doorway through which miracles walk.

My name is Beth Geer, and I have been receiving messages and experiencing miracles from our Divine Source since the tender age of 5 years old.

It wasn’t until my later years that these abilities developed to the point of open conversations with our Source, Who for me identified Itself as the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

This development came after nearly a decade of study of a book called, “A Course In Miracles” which opened my inner ears wide to Divine Inner Guidance.

Since then, my life has taken a dramatic and miraculous turn into joy, peace, abundance, total healing and love.

And now I want to share the Divine Messages I received from the Holy Spirit that helped lead me to a life of healing and spiritual awakening through: AWAKENING CARDS: 52 DIVINE MESSAGES.

Each card contains a specific painting and a message that heals some type of pain; including death and loss, anxiety, depression and many other forms of inner suffering.

No matter what life is giving you now, there is a message to bring you healing and inner peace!

If you are reading this, you have heard the Inner Call to awaken to the Truth of Who You Are and the important reason you are here.

It is time to start living a life filled with joy and peace.  

These messages are for you my friend.  

You are ready to be healed and the world needs your miracles.

* Cards are a high-quality, large 4x6 inch (10x15 cm) size. Deck comes with title card, instruction card, 52 message cards and a black velvet carry pouch.

Awakening Cards Full Deck
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channeled words by Beth Geer

channeled oil paintings by Kenneth Laugen. An internationally acclaimed Master artist and color/energy healer from norway.