This message is for you...

Welcome to a book that will bring you comfort and deep inner peace...  

It is no accident you are reading these words.

That being said, you may actually find the message in this book somewhat controversial.

Not because the message in it isn’t true, but because it’s truer than anything you’ve ever read. 

What this book contains will challenge what you’ve been taught about your identity your entire life.

The truth is, you are a powerful Being of Light who has come to bring healing to others, yourself and the world.

It is time to awaken to the truth of Who You Are.

If you are not willing to accept the truth of your divinity; if your mind does not feel ready for such peace, and love and happiness that fully understanding the truth will bring you; then this book is NOT for you. 

BUT… If you are willing to accept the truth, and you’re excited to apply it to your life and truly experience the resulting inner transformation and miraculous changes that will inevitably result – then you will want to read every single word this book contains.

Because you will experience what you’ve been searching for your entire life.

The story of Who You Are and the message of awakening this book provides will trigger the necessary vertical leap upward in thinking in order to live in a state of grace.

ABOVE the battleground rather than IN it.

Don’t wait another day, another hour or another second to experience what this world has no words to describe.

I promise, you’ve wasted far more time, effort, and money on far less.

And you deserve far better.

You deserve nothing less than total happiness and peace!

You’ve made enough sacrifices.

Now it’s time to give yourself a gift.

The gift of awakening.

Awakening to the truth of your inner radiance.

A radiance so intense that it creates in perfect joy and transforms all suffering into Light.

Activating this power within you is the greatest thing you can learn.

It does not take hours of meditation.

It does not require a lot of work, journaling or memorization.

It only requires your small willingness to accept into your mind only what is true.

Why wait to do this one small thing for yourself?

Learn what it is today and change your life forever.

Uncover your hidden inner peace and joy now, this holy instant.

If you want the delay to your awakening to be over, then AWAKENING TO ONE LOVE is for you.

And I would be truly grateful for a review on Amazon!