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Hello! I am so glad you are here!

I am always happy to have others join me on this path to awakening, for paths are traveled more joyously and easily when shared!

My name is Beth Geer and I am a clairvoyant channel for our collective Inner Voice, Who identifies Himself as the Holy Spirit.

I am also a teacher of the truths contained in both A COURSE IN MIRACLES and THE URANTIA BOOK.

Here you will find links to my services offered to help you on your spiritual path of growth and inner healing.

Why wait to do this one small thing for yourself?

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Receive your own personal message from the Holy Spirit as channelled through me. Gain insights to burning questions or simply ask that what’s most important for you to know at this time, to be revealed. Either way, you will receive Divine guidance from the Holy Spirit that will bring you healing and peace.

Or if you prefer a different approach, you may want to read my own personal messages and conversations with the Holy Spirit which lead to my first book, AWAKENING TO ONE LOVE.

You will find that these messages and conversations are universally applicable and have triggered remarkable healing in many who have read them.

Yet, because reading a book is usually not enough for most of us to stay on track, the Holy Spirit has also inspired me to create a set of daily reminder cards titled: AWAKENING CARDS: 52 DIVINE MESSAGES.

These are a compilation of condensed messages from the Holy Spirit to be used alone or as a companion to my book to inspire you with peace and love whenever you find yourself in need of a healing miracle.

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