Say The Word And You Shall Be Healed...

HS (Holy Spirit):  There is a word you can use to instantly detoxify your mind.  It will completely purify your thoughts of all ego thinking and bring you back to My peace.  This word will allow you to release all judgment and be healed of all suffering.


ME:  There is? You mean like a magic word or something?


HS:  It may seem quite magical, but I assure you, its effects are purely within your control when it is applied correctly.  There is no magical power to it except what you give it.  And the power this word holds, when fully understood and applied correctly, will restore your mind to everlasting peace.


ME:  Okay, well let’s have it.


HS:  I will warn you though, when I first say this word to you, you may recoil from it.  You will think that you already understand what this word means, and that it won’t work for you.  But after I reveal it, I want you to suspend your thinking for a moment until I explain its true meaning within the deeper context of My Love.


ME:  Okay. Let it rip.  What is this secret word we can use to detoxify our minds and heal our pain and suffering?


HS:  Gratitude.


ME:  You’re right. I don’t see how that word can help me. Only because I’ve tried it, and I’m not so sure I can feel grateful towards the people I don’t necessarily like - or even if I want to.


HS:  Suspend those observations for a moment.  Now I will explain the true definition of gratitude – gratitude as defined by the Holy Spirit.  


You see, the ego uses gratitude in the world as a way to sees differences- implying you have something more or better than another that you are grateful for above what others seem to have.  It is solely based on comparisons.  Even being grateful for a sunset is to compare yourself to others who are not seeing it along with you.  You are not even aware you are doing this most of the time.


Gratitude as I define it, is to be grateful for your sameness in My Love - and that none of the differences seen between you are real.  Once the body is shed, all differences disappear and you are all equal in the experience of My Love and Light.  There is nothing to be in conflict over.  There are no bodies to fight over and no possessions to be gained or lost.  There is nothing to compare yourselves to and no one has more or any less than another. 


Without a body, all is in a state of complete peace.  Be grateful this is your true state, and not the conflict you seem to have now.  Be grateful for your sameness in My Love and not the differences you seem to have that are causing you conflict and misery.


ME:  You know, I AM truly grateful to hear none of our conflicts carry over into the afterlife. The problem is, these differences seem so real to us here now.  Judgment is difficult to suspend.


HS:  Even so, you must turn your striving from the things of this world towards striving for what you cannot even see.  This is the level of faith I am asking you to have, or you will be destined to return here again and again seeking what you will not find in a body.


“Judge not what is invisible to you or you will never see it, but wait in patience for its coming.  It will be given you to see your brother’s worth when all you want for him is peace.”  (ACIM Text CH.V.3.5-6)


ME:  Yes, I would rather not return here endless times.  I truly want peace for everyone.  


HS:  Then remember you are each a holy Son of God Himself, created from the Love I have given you.  Look beyond the body to My Light within.  Each and every human being in your life is a My gift to you, if you will only see Me within. The body is not the gift – it is merely a thin veil concealing My Treasure within.


“This is no gift your brother’s body offers you.  The veil that hides the gift hides him as well.  He is the gift and yet he knows it not.  No more do you.  And yet, have faith that He Who sees the gift in you and your brother will offer and receive it for you both.”  (ACIM Text CH.V.7.5-9)


ME:  It seems to me that accepting the gift of Your Light within my brethren should be easy, but for some reason that’s not always the case.


HS:  Let Me assure you, you do not attempt to do this alone.  I am your eyes:


“Be comforted, and feel the Holy Spirit watching over you in love and confidence in what He sees.”  (ACIM Text CH.V.8.1)  


Do not doubt that you can do what I have asked you to do.  Your only function here is to see beyond the body and realize everyone is a part of your Self and it is My strength and holy Vision through which you will accomplish this task.  


ME:  That is encouraging…


HS:  Simply forgive what you see, and you will see things differently.  Every struggle you encounter, every twinge of dissatisfaction, is a lesson in forgiveness being presented to you once again, so that you may learn to love in the face of what appears to be loveless.  And when you do this, the problem will dissolve.  Until then, you will notice that the same things continue to happen to you – you will be stuck in a loop of the same problems repeating themselves over and over again.  To undo this cycle, you must be grateful it is not the truth of Who You Are and forgive yourself for seeing problems where there is peace in truth.


ME:  So you mean that as we learn to overcome our problems by ceasing to become involved in conflict by only acknowledging Your Light as the truth of our Identity versus the body - the problem will just disappear?


HS:  Forgive yourself for seeing the visible barriers between you, and everything will disappear.  You will transform earth into Heaven.


ME:  What?


HS:  This takes a leap of faith and trust.  Therefore, you must place your future in My Hands.  You have nothing in this world with which to compare the beauty and grace that you will behold in the forgiven world.  But there is only one way to prepare your mind to receive such splendor.


ME:  Wait. I know the answer!  I’ve been paying attention.




HS:  Precisely. True gratitude – you are grateful for your sameness in My Love and that none of what you see separating you from one another is real.  In truth, you are all equally bonded through My Love and rest in eternal peace together. No body can separate you from Me within them, and no matter what form I may appear to you as – you must forgive what you see.  Gratitude is one of the hardest lessons to learn for those who look through the eyes of the ego and see only differences.  When you decide to let go of your differences through gratitude, hatred disappears and your mind is prepared to receive My holy gifts.  A new Vision will come to you and you will never go back to your old way of seeing again.  Simply say the word, and through your faith and belief in it, you shall be healed through forgiveness.  


Gratitude is the precursor to total forgiveness - which brings total healing.

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (191, 192, 193, 194, 195)