You Are Entitled To Miracles

There is a reason a miracle

Is called a miracle.

A miracle

Is an event

Or experience

That does not

Follow the laws of this world.

Not only are they real,

But you are entitled to them.

You are entitled to miracles

Because of Who and What

You Are.

You are entitled to miracles

Because of your Divine heritage

As a Creation of God.


You do not have to follow

The rules of this world.

You are under no laws but Gods.

This is true because


All of God’s Children

Share equally in His power.

This power 

Allows you to step out of the laws of this world

And into the Laws of God

Whenever you so choose.

This power

Allows you to claim the miracles that are your right.

How do you choose to step out of the Laws of this world

And into the Laws of God

To claim these miracles?

By letting go of this world.

Forgiving it.

By releasing the world from your grievances against it.

You release your grievances against it

By deciding you would rather have peace

Occupy your mind

Rather than grievances in any form.

These thoughts are not worth their weight in problems.


That THIS is your only problem.

You must recognize that all your problems stem

From holding the world outside you

As responsible for your happiness

and cease to see yourself as separated from God

Who IS your happiness.

You can easily solve this problem

By simply changing your mind about what the world is for.

The world is not here to please you.

It is here to hold you captive

From the miracles you would receive.

If you let it go

Then miracles can come to replace your grievances.

With this change of mind

You will realize

All your problems have now been solved.

And miracles will step in

And move your experience  

Beyond the laws of this world

And into the Laws of God.

Some call this miraculous experience

Heaven on earth.


~Beth Geer

(Inspired by Workbook Lessons 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 from A Course In Miracles)