You Are The Light of the World

When you find yourself beset in darkness

When all the light has gone from your mind

And you seem to be living your personal hell

Know this:

There is something you can do

To end your suffering

This holy instant.

You have the power

To work miracles in this world.

Simply be still

And know that you are part of God.

You are a holy instrument

Of power and grace

Desgined to undo what is dark

And bring it to the Light.

Thus healing what causes you pain.

You are here to work miracles.

Miracles are simply

The decision to see truth

And look past what is false.

Only what is eternal is true

And all else outside of us is false.

Therefore our bodies are a false identity

And your power to work miracles

Lies in seeing what lies within them.

In fact

You have the power to bring peace to every mind

By deciding to change your mind

And see only Light instead of bodies.

This is possible

Because we are One in Truth

United in the same Light of Creation.

Only you can make this choice.

Do not forget why you are here

And what your only function is.

You came to transform the world

From a nightmare of death

To the living reality of Heaven.

Do you want to save nightmares

By repeating them over and over in your mind?

Or would you rather look at the cause of fear

And let it go forever?

Then do not let anyone

Hide behind the dark cover of a false identity.

No one here

Is a body.

Do not be fooled by the bodies you see

Or what seems to be said and done with them.

In truth

We are the light of the world.

We have come to forgive what we see

And bring peace to every mind

Through our forgiveness of what bodies

Have said and done.

Do not use any dark action

To hide your light behind it.

Use it as an opportunity to shine through

And fulfill what you have come here to do.

Let peace extend from your mind

And see things in the Light

As they truly are.

And in this stillness

The darkness will disappear

In the Light of your holiness.

~ Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons 81 and 82)

Elizabeth Geer