Love Created You Like Itself

Love created you like Itself.

There is nothing else you could ever be

But Love.


When you hold a grievance

Or any thought that causes you distress

It causes you such pain and discomfort

Because you are living

And thinking

Against the love that you ARE.

Love holds no grievances.


These thoughts 

Cause you inner conflict between peace and attack

And this results in pain and suffering.

So why do we hold onto such thoughts?

Because we see ourselves as weakened

By someone else’s words or actions.

We think they have hurt us somehow

And have successfully diminished us.

And so we think we must attack

To defend ourselves

And “equalize” the situation.

Love does not attack

Because It sees no need to do so.

Love knows nothing can ever harm

What is eternally whole and complete.

Love knows it is utterly useless to attack

What is in total Union with Itself.

The Love that you are

Is your strength

Because it is undivided and perfect.

Learn what your happiness is.

Attack and grievances have never brought you happiness.

These thoughts hide the Light in you

And cause you pain and suffering.

Do not be tempted to think your joy

Comes from denying the Source of All Joy within.

Nothing in the world outside you has the power

To remove your Joy.

Do not give it that power

By imagining you are diminished

In any way by outside circumstances.

Your joy comes from your decision

To stop trying to change the past

And accept what you hold within now.

You have never left your Source of joy.

And so it cannot be outside you.

It shines outward from within you.

And the world you see outside yourself

Will reflect the joy you now recognize is yours.

Your outer world

Will align with your inner abundance.

You will have claimed the abundance of your Source within

Instead of having grievances against it

And blocking it from coming to you.

And that will make all the difference.


~ Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons 83, 84, 85)