Make The Choice For Light

When you struggle with your big irritations

And even the small ones,

Those repetitive negative thoughts;

Remember Who You Really Are.

Remember how much power you have.

You have the power

To throw your mind down into darkness

As well as the power to resurrect it

And raise it to the Light.

Your Will

Is that there be Light.

And God shares this Will with you.

And what He Wills

Shall be done.


You can delay

But never prevent

The Light from coming to you.

And this is God’s only Plan for you.

That you let go of your repetitive negative thoughts

And accept His Light as replacement for them.

Cease your attack on His Plan for your peace and happiness,

By ceasing to accept such thoughts

Into your sacred holy Mind.

A Mind

That you share with Him.

Choose that there only be Light

When these times come.


You are not in denial over having these dark thoughts.

You are simply noting that you’re having them

And deciding that you do not want them.

That is all you have to do

In order to let them go

And make the choice for Light.

When you use your power

To choose that there be Light,

Your sacred holy Mind will be free to attract to you

The abundance, joy, and peace

That God truly Wills you to have.

Because Love always comes where it is welcome

And is attracted to Itself.

~ Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons 86, 87, 88)