What Is A Miracle?

What is a miracle?  

Under what circumstances do they occur?

When you cease to believe in the laws of this reality

Your True Reality and the Laws of God open up.

There is a power behind all things.

We are alive because of One Thing.

We must first withdraw our faith in what is 

Corruptible, decaying and separate,

And replace those beliefs

With something else.

The “something else”

Is what you ARE.

And you are the opposite of what you think.

You are Spirit Unified in Love and Light.

This Self has nothing to do with a body

Or the world outside it.

All external things have an expiration date

But Spirit does not.

Spirit is eternal

And only what is eternal is real.

All else is un-real.

And when you withdraw your belief

From what is un-real

And place it only in the Real

You open a space within your Mind

Where thought and belief converge

With the Divine in such a way

That miracles occur.

What you once experienced as “ordinary”

Now becomes extraordinary

Your experience of this world

Will become miraculous.

Understand that

All the problems you wish to heal with a miracle,

Stem from only one problem;

The healing of which will solve all problems.

Your one problem is

That you see yourself as separated

From the Unified Love and Light that is your true Identity.

You see yourself 

As a body.

And you also see everyone else

As a body.

And all your problems center on these figures

In a dream 

That you left Heaven

And came here to suffer in hell.

Refuse to believe in this place and these bodies.

Believe instead 

In the reality of the One Solution

For your one problem:

You are not separate from All That Is.

You are One 

At peace 

Existing in a state of bliss, Love and Light.

And the physical world you see before you now

Is a dream you would love to awaken from.

The solution to every outer problem you have

Is a single Inner Answer.

And you would greatly love

To have each of your problems replaced

With the miracle this Answer provides.

In order for something different to happen to you,

You must think something different 

About You.

All your problems have been solved.

You have not changed from the Divine Being

God created you as

Simply because you do not see that face in the mirror.

You are there

Behind the mask of the body

And so is everyone else.

Your Answer is already given.

You have only to believe it to receive it.

And the miracles you are entitled to 

Will transform your life.


~Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons 89, 90, 91,92)