Who Are You Really?

Why have you chosen to come here

To be in a body?

Or rather

A better question is,

Why would you choose to go on identifying with it?

If you believe you are only a body

You are locked in a limited self-perception.

It is time to honestly question your Identity.

We are told that God created us

In His image.

I am telling you

Your body is not the image of God.

You were created out of the very fabric

Of Who God IS.

And He is Light and Joy and Peace 

And it is from this, which you are made.

His Light and Joy and Peace

Abide in you 

And this is Who You Are.

And yet,

It is this Identity that you fear to accept

Because it would mean letting go of the idea

That you are a body.

Understandably so.

You are used to being in a body

And whether you love it or hate it

It is all you know.

And so

You fear this change in self-perception

Because it would require you to accept

Only the Love that is in you as real

And you would have to let go of the rest

Because it is untrue.

Would it not be more desirable to admit

You were wrong about your identity

Than to continue to live on in misery? 

The ego invests your mind with the past,

Hoping to keep you occupied with it

So that you do not heal in the present.

It wants you to remember every form of hurt

That has befallen your identity as a body

In the feeble hopes that 

You will continue to project more of the same thinking

Into the future

And never let it go.

“Now” has no meaning to the ego.

It lives only in the past

And hopes your mind stays there.

And I want to tell you 

The past is gone

And can hurt you no more.

“Now” is the only moment of time that is real

Because it is eternal.

Only in the “now” can you take advantage

Of the opportunity to find healing.

This is the only productive use of time.

Whatever mistakes you have made

The truth about you remains unchanged.

And the realization of the Truth about you

Is where you will be saved 

From all that is NOT you.

You are as God created you.

You are one Self, united with your Creator.

United will all of Creation

Which is you

And me

And everyone who has ever lived.

We are One Self 

And what you do to others

You are doing to your One Self.

So release your Self.


Salvation from being a body

Comes from accepting your true Identity

As One Self

United in Spirit.

There is no greater reason than this

To love one another

As God loves us.

So practice loving as God loves us

Because He completely understands our predicament.

And only He knows the way out of it.

Look past the body and all its works

And choose instead to forgive and forget.

Forget all the nothing that never happened to you

Except the Love that you ARE

And you will be saved 

From all that you are NOT.


~Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In MiraclesWorkbook Lessons 93, 94, 95, 96, 97)