There Is One Sure Test To Know How Enlightened You Are.

You may well say,

“I understand that I am Light and Love.

I know in truth that I am not a body

I am Spirit.”

There is one sure test to know

If you truly believe these words as yet.

You must ask yourself but one question:

“Am I at peace?”

The degree to which you will feel at peace

Is the degree to which

You no longer believe the body is your identity.

For a mind at peace with its Identity as Spirit

Has no bodily concerns.

There are no concerns for your own body

Or another’s

Knowing your reality as Spirit.

The body will be seen as a false identity.

An identity you assumed

So you could come here

To resolve all your conflict with God

Who lives within each of us.

And with this belief

Comes a quiet acceptance 

Of all you see outside you.

You then take conscious care of your body

And your relationships with other bodies

And your environment,

Because you know everything is here

For you to learn to love despite what you see.

You are here to see past all illusions

And false identities

And Love the Light within them instead.

And you will also then let go 

Of attachment to all bodily outcomes

Knowing the only outcome possible

Is your eternal happiness. 

And so the question begs

How do you reach such a level of peace

Where nothing in the world outside you

Causes you any form of pain or suffering?

There is only one thing to be done.

You must accept your own small part 

In God’s plan for salvation for you,

And it is simply this:

That you render unto God

What is His.

And what do you have of God’s

That you can render unto Him?

You were given something eternal

Upon your creation.

It is your True Identity as Spirit.

And only this eternal part of you is real

And only this eternal part travels on to Heaven 

Whence your body dies.

It is this that God wants you to render unto Him.

How do you extend the eternal within you to God?

Since only the Love within you is real

Then it is Love you must extend to God.

And you do this

By extending it to your fellows here on earth

Who also contain Him.

You and I

We were created together in His Love

And we must make the choice to extend only Love

To one another in order to fulfill our part

In God’s plan for our healing and joy.

Loving one another 

Is our only function here.

It is the greatest command ever given

By the Master Jesus Himself.

He taught us that the path to salvation

Is found through loving one another

As we would be loved

Because it is the same as loving God.

All else must be forgiven

And seen as the temporary illusion

Of separation that it is.

All things here are lessons

And opportunities

To learn how to Love 

In a loveless place.

Each time you remember to Love

Instead of condemn

You are fulfilling your essential part

In God’s plan for your salvation.

This is the narrow road you must follow

In order to accept God’s Will

For your perfect happiness.

This path is narrow

Only because of its singular destination:

Your total freedom and eternal peace.

~Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In MiraclesWorkbook Lessons: 98, 99,100,101)