Un-block Your Happiness!

I would like you to take stock of yourself

For just a moment.

Focus your attention on how your mind feels.

Is there any tightness there?

Or perhaps you feel it in your heart.

Does your mind or heart feel tight with some form

Of anxiety, fear, or dis-ease?


What would become of all your concerns 

If you just imagined for a moment

That this feeling was gone.

It does not matter what is causing it.

The form or source of your pain and suffering 

Is not the issue here.

The problem is 

That you are feeling this way at all.

There is a block within you

That is in need of healing.

You can physically feel it.

It is heavy, restrictive, and at times 


A soul light with love has no such issues.

This is the state of mind you would like to achieve.

You came here into a heavy body,

And now it is your job to release your mind

From its feeling of un-easiness 

And dis-ease.

In fact

Everything in this world 

Gives you an un-easy feeling

Because everything in this world is un-certain.

The truth is

You do not want to suffer.

And we will try to loosen 

The now weakened hold 

Suffering has on your mind.

It serves you no purpose.

You would like to reside in a space of peace

Where your True Home is

And where you can rest in safety

Without fear in any form.

You can achieve this state of mind

Through one simple realization:


You have no need

To be less loving

To anyone God Created

Than God Himself,

Who loves them as much

As He loves you.


This thought will lift from your mind

The un-loving thoughts of fear and anxiety

That are blocking your happiness.

Seek the happiness that belongs to you in truth.

Lay aside the conflicts of this world

You carry within your mind

And offer yourself something else to think about.

Take a deep breath.

Focus on the tightness that you feel

In your mind and heart.

And allow it to expand

Giving it the freedom to leave you. 

Now replace it with love instead.

God’s gifts of peace and joy are yours.

Accept them now.

And as you do so

The joy of your Creator grows

Because you magnify Him.

And in turn

He will magnify you.


~Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons: 102, 103, 104, 105)