The Power Of The Law Of Giving

There is a Law Of Giving in effect

And it has been called by many names.

Some have said

“What goes around, comes around.”

Others have simply called it “karma.”

And still others have labeled it

“The Law of Attraction.”

All these sayings and beliefs imply

One thing only:

There is a Law of Giving 

In effect at all times.

The Law of Giving

In its truest form is this:

What you give, is what you receive.

And it is not a giving as the world gives,

Which is a giving with a loss to the giver

Of physical things.

It is a giving of the mind and spirit.


Since your mind is always thinking

You are also always giving


What you may not be aware of

Is that you are not isolated in this law.

You are not separate from anyone else

In the effects of what your mind “gives.”

Our mind is One Mind

And we are either attracting or repelling

The people and events in our lives

Simply though our thinking.

Do not be lead into temptation

To become upset with this world

Because of what has come

Or not come to you.

You can be delivered from all egos

And all effects of your thinking

By one simple thing:

Silence your own mind.

Silence it 

About the thoughts of this world altogether.

Be still and listen to only One Voice within you.

You will hear the inner Call

Of the Voice placed within you

At the moment of your creation

And the truth It speaks of.

You are in perfect control of what you give

And so you are also in perfect control

Of what you receive.

This is the Law of Giving.

Are you enjoying what you receive from this world?

It is a place where all things end

And nothing is certain.

To receive what will never end

And is always certain

You must give what will never end 

And is always certain.


Give only Love

For that is what you are.

And Love will seek and find you.

The world receives the messages from your mind

Which are your thoughts about all things.

And you will receive more

Of what you think about.

So be a light unto this world.

Send out the message of peace 

And peace will seek and find you.

Be still and listen to only One Voice

The Voice that was placed within you 

Upon your creation.

It is the Voice of Love

And It speaks only lovingly.

You do not want your thoughts

To rest on this world

And what you have or do not have.

This is a world of chaos

And you do not want to attract more chaos.


Let your thoughts rest in God.

Let them rest in peace and love

In a Mind that is content to be as One.

Let your thoughts about the world be still

And in this stillness God will speak to you

And His Voice is Love.

Do not fear that if your thoughts are fearful

You will attract more misery.

Because your Creator knows

That if your mind cries out in misery

What you really want is Love

Not more misery.

All pain is recognized as a cry for Love.

And only Love will be sent to you.


You must set down 

Your painful thoughts about this world

Long enough to accept It.

Still your mind now and know

You will receive what you give.

And if you give the Love

That is eternally yours

You will call upon the power and grace

Of One Who created All That Is.

Imagine the abundance such thoughts

Will return to you

If what you give you also receive?

To extend such love

You must remember only one Truth:

You areLove

And you rest in God

Who only gives you only Love.

You can suffer nothing

Because of this Truth.

So let suffering thoughts leave your mind

And know you are perfect


And whole

Just as God created you.

Then watch the Law of Giving

Transform the world around you.


~Beth Geer

(Inspired by A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons: 106, 107, 108, 109, 110)