The Only Thing You Need For Happiness

HS (Holy Spirit):  Don’t settle for suffering.  You deserve better than that.

ME: I don’t think I follow what You’re saying.  How am I “settling for suffering?” 

HS:  In this world, every human being is striving for something.  You each strive and strive for things in this world every day and yet none of it is yours for the keeping.  All things that surround you must one day come to an end.  Nothing here is eternal and none of it is worthy of you, or your time. You are worthy only of eternal things, for only what is eternal can bring you lasting happiness.

ME:  Okay, sure that sounds great.  What do you suggest I do instead?

HS:  Aim higher.

ME:  Always good advice I suppose, but what exactly am I aiming for?

HS:  All Creation.  This is your Divine Inheritance as My Child.  You are each a part of My One Son and My One Creation.

ME:  Okay, so what does it look like when someone “aims higher” and strives for “All Creation?”

HS:  True Creation is nothing of this world.  True Creation is comprised only of eternal things. You may look upon this world with pity and compassion, but never look on it with fear and never make it your goal in striving.  Or you WILL fear it, and you will suffer in it until you understand you don’t really want what it has to offer.  

ME:  I don’t feel like You answered my question.

HS:  Everything that surrounds you in the world, is there because the ego has substituted it for My Love.  It is this that you deeply desire and are striving for, but have forgotten as your true goal.

ME:  That’s not true.  I DO love You, and I know You love me.  What’s the problem?

HS:  The problem is, you are still striving for things outside yourself, and therefore still suffering.

ME:  Okay, so how do I quit striving for things of this world?  Go live in a monastery with some monks or something?

HS:  Denial of what you need to survive in this world is not the answer either.  This is a form of sacrifice and there is no sacrifice in what I am asking you to do.

ME:  Keep talking.  I’m all ears here.

HS:  I will clarify this with a visualization exercise.

ME:  Okay go ahead.

HS:  Imagine you are each like individual cells in a body. The cells of a body are all joined by an electrical system that communicates with each cell as an individual, while simultaneously communicating with the body as a whole.  

ME:  Yes, that’s easy enough to understand.  Basic human biology.  I’m totally following You here.

HS:  Now, as a unified system, all the cells must work together in harmony or the body will develop a disease.  It will literally feel dis-ease when even a few cells are not acting in harmony.  Correct?

ME:  Yes, when individual cells are not in harmony, we can feel sick in a multitude of ways.

HS:  So it is true with you as spiritual individuals within My Unified Creation.  You are each an integral part of My One Love, My One Mind and My One Son – My One Body.  It is imperative that you begin to strive only to see how your thoughts are affecting the whole of Creation.  You are either part of the problem - and holding your part in dis-ease or part of the solution – inner peace.

ME:  Whoa.  I don’t want to be the tumor in this system!

HS:  You are always choosing between one of two paths: The hard road or the path of least resistance.  You will know the road you have chosen by your level of inner peace. If you have chosen incorrectly, the road will feel difficult and you will be in a state of dis-ease and suffering.

ME:  What exactly is the “path of least resistance?” I think I’d be pretty good at choosing that one actually.

HS:  It is always the path you are currently on, but with the least inner resistance.

ME:  Ah. Got it. Well, I don’t ever want to be a hard road person.  It just seems that I don’t like certain circumstances sometimes and I want to find a way to escape my discomfort.  How do I avoid these feelings and achieve “the path of least inner resistance?”

HS:  Acceptance.  Accept the path before you whatever it may be.  Accept it and then accept My peace and joy in glad exchange for all the weary substitutes you now strive for in this world.  You have pursued them instead of what I have Created for you. You are part of My One Son, and because you are part of this One Self, you are interconnected through the circuitry of My Love.  My Love is literally the energy that gives you Life.  Therefore, you contain Me and I Am All That Is.  There is nothing to strive for.

ME:  I have a hard time remembering that idea once I’m going about my daily business.  Everyone looks separate, and not united in my One Self, and so I strive to survive.

HS:  Just as a separate cell in a body is part of a larger system, you are also a seeming individual within a larger Living Being. You have no reason to search outside yourself for your peace and joy- it is contained within the Whole.

ME:  I see how it is true then that what we do to another, we do to our self.  Our One Self.

HS:  Yes. More true than you can possibly imagine.

ME:  How do I “aim higher” and strive for this eternal part of me on a daily basis?

HS:  You simply allow yourself to rest in God.  Remember as often as you can, that you rest in Me. Then lay aside all illusions of separation, loneliness and abandonment, anxiety and sense of lack.  You lack nothing when you contain Everything. Rest in perfect certainty that even though others appear to be separate from you, and may have more or less than you in this world; the Truth is, no one really has anything here at all.  All the seeming riches and abundance here is a false reality because in time, it all disappears – it lacks eternal qualities. In truth, you each already have exactly the same; you are contained within All That Is for all eternity.  You cannot have more than this, and it is impossible to have less.

ME:  Ah, and so we come back to loving one another as You love us.  And we should feel nothing but gratitude for our Oneness in You.

HS:  Yes, and then you will transform this world through your elevated thinking - uplifting everyone along with you.  And your life will produce unimaginable miracles.

ME:  That really excites me!  Aim higher – seek for what belongs to me in Truth: the knowledge, power and peace of our Oneness.  Don’t settle for suffering.  Got it!

HS:  Yes.  Seek only for what belongs to you in truth.  This world is not what belongs to you, for what I have given you is yours for all eternity; and this world is made up of nothing eternal.  Seek then, to know and experience only the eternal that resides within All Creation and you will be seeking your Highest Truth – your Divine Heritage.  And I promise: you will find it, and only this will bring you happiness.

~Beth Geer

(Conversation inspired by:

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 116, 117, 118, 119, 120)

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