The World Is Not Here For The Reasons We Assume...

HS (Holy Spirit):  The world is not here to make you happy.  Neither is it here to punish you or cause you suffering.

ME:  Well I’d say that’s both a disappointment and a relief at the same time.  Since happiness and suffering have been my only two experiences here, what would You say the world is here for?

HS:  It is designed to teach you.  It is simply a teaching tool.

ME:  Okay.  I’ll bite on that statement.  So what is the world here to teach me?

HS:  It is designed to teach you what you truly DO want, and what you truly do NOT want. 

ME:  Okay, well I’m pretty sure I already know what I do and do not want.  I assume You have something to say about this?

HS:  Yes, but first, I would like you to tell Me what is it you think you DO want?

ME:  That sounds like a trick question.  Because I know the answer You’re probably looking for is You.  God should be our highest goal, right?  But I also know that in my heart I desire things of this world.  You know, like a comfortable life with endless money, an easy job, perfect health for all my loved ones and myself… You know, the typical stuff.

HS:  And do you really want those things?  What if I told you that those things were specifically what you do NOT want? Things that are transient and impermanent; things that are here one day, and gone the next.  You speak of those things as though you are going to live here forever.  Is that your truest desire?  To live in this world forever?  In truth, the best you can do is return here again and again through serial incarnations, seeking what you cannot actually keep for all eternity.

ME:  Well, when you put it that way, I suppose it doesn’t sound so good.  I mean, I’m not suicidal or anything, but honestly, I can’t wait to get off this rock. I’ve heard it said, “Nobody’s getting out of here alive,” which is so true!  We all have to leave here someday. And I’d really love to end my “serial incarnations” here.

HS:  So let Me ask you again, what is it you think you truly DO want?

ME:  To not have any needs of any kind.  There.  That should cover everything.

HS:  And how do you think such a state is possible in this world?

ME:  Well, I have an idea, but You’re the expert.  You tell me.

HS:  The only way to not have any needs of any kind is to release your mind from this world and give it over to Me.

ME:  Sounds easier said than done.

HS:  If the road to this state of mind sounds long or difficult, simply ask yourself “How long is an instant?”  That is all the longer it takes to change your mind.  You know this from your own experience.

ME:  Yes, but specifically how is this done?  What is the thought process?

HS:  Forgiveness is the key to your happiness.

ME:  We’ve been over this before, but please go on.

HS:  It is through forgiveness of the world you see that allows your mind to soar above its turmoil.  

ME:  How do I acquire such a level of forgiveness?

HS:  You give exactly what you would receive. 

ME:  And that is…?

HS:  To not have any needs of any kind.  

ME:  Hm.  Right back where we started, eh?

HS: Almost.  We’ve inched ahead a little.  

ME:  How do I ”give” a “lack of needs?”  That doesn’t even sound like a thing a person can do.

HS:  You do it by releasing everyone from your idea that they are bodies.  Think of the people who have “done you wrong,” and also those you call friends. Understand that they share in My same Holy Light and Love.  Release them from any bodily obligations or judgments and allow them to rest in peace in your mind.  See only their Inner Light.  Practice doing this under meditation, and visualize it as you go about your daily personal encounters.  Soon, what you see within will become the truth without.

ME:  Is this considered the “awakening process?”

HS:  Yes, this is one way in which you can awaken.  Forgiveness is the key to your happiness.  You are forgiving yourself for seeing others as bodies that owe you something.  Spirit owes nothing, being All Things.  When you decide to only recognize Spirit in others, you will awaken from the dream that you are mortal, fallible, and un-recognizable to one another.  You will only know your perfection as part of My Sonship.

ME:  Wow.  Well it doesn’t sound too complicated, just a lot of inner vigilance in order to remember to look at other people in that way.

HS:  I ask only for a small willingness to try.  That is all I need to carry you the rest of the way. Remember that forgiveness offers you everything you want.

ME:  I will try.  Just to be clear, am I to give up wanting all those other things I listed earlier?  The things of this world?

HS:  I ask that you make no sacrifices.  I only ask for willingness to accept My gifts in lieu of what you thought you wanted before.  You are not asked to “give up” anything you truly want.  I ask for you only to give up your resistance to the truth and give thanks that it is so.

ME:  And what is the truth?  It helps me believe it when I hear You say it.

HS:  The truth is, none of what you see is real – Life is not separate as it appears to you now.  The truth is, you are all One in God and this fact has not changed simply because you appear as separate living forms.

ME:  It is so difficult to remember the truth when this world appears so opposite to that.

HS:  In quiet and stillness you will always hear My Word. Even amongst the chaos of the world around you, it is possible to rest in quiet stillness.  There you will be reminded of My plan for your forgiveness and release from all you do not want.  There is but one rule to your release; still your thoughts of this world. Let no illusion of separation come between us and you will know Our Oneness.  Then you will experience all your needs as met.  

~Beth Geer

(Conversation inspired by: 

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 121, 122, 123, 124, 125)

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Beth Geer