What Is The One Answer To Every Problem?

HS (Holy Spirit):  There is one answer that can be given to every problem you hold in your mind.  In fact, it is the One Answer to all problems everywhere for every person throughout time, regardless of size or complexity.  All problems you think you have, can be easily laid to rest with this One Answer.

ME:  Well that’d be useful to know.  Lay it on me.

HS:  Gratitude.

ME:  Oh.  I was hoping You’d say something more profound.  How is gratitude the answer to every problem we have ever faced in this world?  Is this the old, “Be grateful no matter what happens to you?”  Blah.  I’m tired of hearing that.

HS:  No I am not saying that at all.  I am not talking about gratitude as the ego understands it. I am talking about true gratitude – gratitude as God understands it.  It is the type of gratitude that comes as the result of giving true forgiveness.  

ME:  Well, “A Course In Miracles” teaches that true forgiveness is to forgive the mistake of seeing separation between God and ourselves.  In truth, we are One Love and seeing bodies separating all of us contradicts the Vision of our Oneness. So in order to know only our Oneness, we must forgive, or “look past” the world we see now, knowing our Oneness is the Truth.

HS:  Correct.  And the highest form of true forgiveness you can obtain is gratitude  that this, and only this, is true.

ME:  I’m not making the connection.  Please go on.

HS:  When you have a “problem” the only thing you should feel is gratitude that this is not your True Reality.  

ME:  And how is that the highest form of forgiveness?

HS:  You stated it yourself: that to have truly forgiven, you must look past all separation between you and another.  You must look past their body and see only their Light. Nothing else exists between you.  This is how you all exist in Truth.  The next step then, is to be grateful  that this, and only this, is the Truth.  

ME:  Ah, I think I’m beginning to understand.  Please go on.

HS:  You are each beings of eternal Love and Light. The body is not your true identity; it is a vehicle for communication while you still believe you are here. The body can suffer and die, but your True Self is immortal.  While bodies may be killed or made to suffer, the Truth about you remains unharmed and unchanged.  Be grateful this is so.  

ME:  Hmmm.  Okay I see how gratitude could help some  problems we have with other people.

HS:  Not some  problems. All  problems. The only problem you have is your belief in separation.  The One Thought that corrects this is belief in your Total Union.  To bring your mind around to a state of Total Union, you must forgive yourself for seeing total separation.  Your Total Union is the Truth you must be grateful for above all else.  This is the Truth that will release your mind from all grievances, healing all problems between yourself and others. 

ME:  So when someone says or does something I don’t like, I should just remind myself that none of what I see or hear about them is the truth and be grateful it is not their true identity?

HS:  Correct.  Be grateful that none of it is so.  Be grateful that Truth still shines behind whatever you may see in their false ego identity.  Be grateful that one day you will find the strength to rise above the weak bodily identity you have assigned to others and yourself.  Be grateful that you can make another choice, and claim your Identity as a being of Love and Light – at one with God and each other.  Be grateful that no one is eternally angry, afraid, or in pain – and no one is your enemy.  You are each Created in peace, gentleness and Light, in a continuous exchange of My Love. And together you will one day rise again to the glorious height of your True Identity in Me.  

ME:  How do we do this?

HS:  By remembering the Truth about everyone around you.  Be grateful that what you currently see is NOT the truth.  And through this means, you can let go of all that causes you un-rest and inner resistance to My peace.  This choice for peace is the choice that will settle your mind in love and light and heal your grievances.  With this choice, a transformation comes; the ego will disappear and your True Self will shine forth from your purified Holy Mind.

ME:  So it is safe to assume we have been wrong about everything?  And we should be grateful only the Truth is true?

HS:  Yes.  Forgiveness to the point of gratitude is the highest gift you can give.  It is the greatest single step you can take in your journey to total enlightenment and awakening.  It is I Who joins you in our Father’s Love, and it is I Who is the One Answer to every problem you seem to have.  Be grateful only Our Union is true and nothing else.  

ME:  Ah, You say gratitude is actually the highest gift we give one another…

HS:  Yes.  Forgiveness of this magnitude is the greatest gift you can give because it means you have released your brothers through true forgiveness.  And when you release them, you release your Self.

ME:  And just to be clear, what exactly am I releasing everyone from?

HS:  Guilt.  You release everyone from the guilt of the choice to appear as separate.  You forgive to the point of gratitude that the separation is not real, nor could ever become real.  It is impossible to separate from Me, or you would cease to exist. You are each sustained by My Love, and there is no Love but God’s.

ME:  So are You saying this world is all an elaborate means for my ego to see myself as separate from You? 

HS: Correct.  The world you currently see holds nothing that you want.  Beyond this world there is a world you want.  And it is impossible to see two worlds at the same time.

ME:  Ah.  So in order to see the world we want, we must forgive this one for being here.  

HS: Correct.  You must forgive the error of separation – forgiveness to the point of gratitude.  Gratitude that nothing here is real, for only what is eternal is real, and there is nothing eternal in this world.  In order to clear your mind enough to see what lies beyond it you must forgive it. 

ME:  Well it seems pretty difficult to see past this “unreal” solid world.

HS:  Perception is constant because thought is constant.  And what you see reflects your thinking. You are My Creation, limitless and free, filled with My Love, Joy and Light.  Your true existence is in My world of everlasting peace.  You can return yourself to Heaven - your One Self in Me - through forgiveness of the world you currently see.

~Beth Geer

(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: 

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 126, 127, 128, 129, 130)

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