Why Did We Come Here?

HS (Holy Spirit):  You didn’t come here for this.

ME:  Didn’t come here for what?

HS:  You didn’t come here to experience pain, loss and suffering, anxiety and distress.  None of you came here for those things.

ME:  Well I have to agree with You there.  I don’t think any of us wants those things, but it seems we get an awful lot of those things.  Why did  we come here anyway?

HS:  Because there is something you are searching for, and you thought you could find it here.

ME:  Okay, and that “something” is…?

HS:  You came here seeking permanence, but you are seeking it in the impermanent.  You came here seeking love, safety, and immortality, but this is a place that can only offer separation, danger and death.

ME:  Well why would we ever come here looking for what we will never succeed in finding?  

HS:  You did not know there was another place to look.

ME:  And that place is…?

HS:  Me.

ME:  Of course.  You.  Well that’s all fine and dandy, but we’re here now whether we like it or not, and I’d appreciate not wasting anymore time looking in a place You say we cannot find what we’re looking for.  What can we do to get out of this mess?

HS:  You have but one task while you believe you are here. One single purpose that offers you everything you want:  Be as I created you.

ME:  I have no idea how to be anything else than what I think I am now.  

HS:  That is exactly your problem.  You think you know who you are.  Remember: you are not the body you see in the mirror.

ME:  Well I can certainly imagine I am Spirit, but I can’t see any other identity in the mirror.

HS:  Your true Identity is what you seek, and you will not find it in the idea that you are a body, living here in this world.  You must seek to forgive the world and the sight of bodies.  Do not fear to walk through this door into the unknown.  Do not fear what you cannot see and do not currently understand.  Do not fear the Truth you have long forgotten.

ME:  What if we fail to remember?  I feel like I’m trying but it seems impossible.

HS:  You cannot fail in this, for I walk with each of you. You search for what has already been given, but you will not find it here.  The world offers you nothingness, and what I have promised is Everything – the only real thing there is.  

ME:  Well for goodness sake, can’t You make this a little easier?  I’d really like to stop searching already!

HS:  Be glad you search, because it is through your searching that you will learn what you really want, and that the end goal is inevitable.  No one here will remain in their personal hell, because no can truly separate from Me.

ME:  That’s comforting.

HS:  Know that everything in this world will one day fall away, not because I have taken it from you, but because you no longer want it. You will make a shift to a new reality out of your choice to leave this one.

ME:  Again, I fear I will fail at achieving this.

HS:  The most you can do is delay.  You cannot fail and you cannot prevent your imminent return to Me. No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.

ME:  Again, that’s comforting to know.

HS:  You will achieve your purpose, because I share your purpose with each of you.

ME:  And our purpose here is…?

HS:  To be as I created you.

ME:  And here we are, right back at the beginning of our conversation.

HS:  Your purpose is to be as I created you: which is in harmonious relationship with Me and at peace with All Creation, for I Am All Creation.  And you do this, through forgiveness of a world that is opposite to My peace and Oneness. You must loose the world from all you thought it was.  You are as I created you, created in timelessness and Love.  Are any of these traits found here in this world?

ME:  No.  Everything here changes, dies or decays.  Nothing that is physically here is eternal.

HS:  Correct.  My creations are unlike this world in every way.  And it was by My Thought that I created each of you, and so each of you are part of Me.  Therefore, it is by your thoughts that you must set this world free, in order to know the Thoughts you think with Me.

ME:  What is a simple way to look at the world then?  How can I remember to forgive it?

HS:  Simply remind yourself: there is no world.  

ME:  Uh.  That’s going to be a tough sell for a lot of people.

HS:  Healing will come to all those who are ready to accept this lesson.  This Course is ready for everyone, but not everyone is ready for this Course. Though not everyone is able to accept it now, they will return to try again and again to learn the Truth is not here. Then they will turn inward to find Me at last.  They will no longer value the valueless, and forgive all that binds them to this place. They will cease to feel defenseless against a world that is not real, and take their stand in the real Strength of My Union.  They will no longer hide in a world of separation, defending its illusion, but instead decide to step forward into their true Identity as part of My Sonship. My Son needs no defenses against the truth of His reality in My Love.  This  is what you have each come here to do.  This  is Who You Really Are, and you came here to forgive the illusion of separation in this world in order to uncover the Truth of your Total Union.

~Beth Geer

(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: 

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 131, 132, 133, 134, 135)

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