How Do You Heal Your Body With A Miracle?

HS (Holy Spirit):  You cannot imagine what the Real World, as I Created It, looks like.  And, you cannot imagine what other people look like to you once you see them as I created them, and not as they appear to your ego – as bodies.

ME:  Yep.  I can’t. So what does the world and all the people in it look like “as You created them?”

HS:  You have nothing here in this world with which to compare the beauty of your brethren or your surroundings as they are in the Real World.  And nothing have you ever valued so deeply or held so closely to your heart.  There is nothing in this world that can bring you such happiness as knowing one another as you are in Truth.  This is what I see, and it is My joy to teach you how to see yourself as healed.  

ME:  And how do I heal enough to see such a world?

HS:  By ceasing to defend the truth of this one.  This will bring an end to all forms of sickness in your mind.

ME:  I am trying very hard not to have a “sick mind.” Please explain this further.

HS:  The only sickness you suffer from is “separation sickness” which is the denial of Union in Me.  This denial is apparent through your choosing to come here into a separate body and forget our union.  All other physical sickness stems from this, and physical sickness is a defense against My Reality.

ME:  I’m not sure I understand what You mean by saying physical sickness is a “defense” against Your Reality.

HS:  Sickness of the body is the attempt of your ego to prove that the body is you.  It is an insane self-deception, and its purpose is to hide the truth of your reality as a being of Oneness in Me.  The ego seeks to keep you “sick” so that you continue to see a world filled with separated parts; individuals with their own bodies, each one separately subject to age, sickness and death.  

ME:  Well I’m not trying to do this on purpose.

HS:  Defenses are not unintentional.  Though you may not be consciously aware of it, you make the choice to be “sick” whenever the illusion of your identity as a body is threatened.  Sickness is a decision.  Sickness is used by your ego to prove to you that your body is not separate from you because it can seem to make you suffer, and therefore it must be your identity.

ME:  Whoa.  Really? I don’t like the idea that I’m deliberately choosing sickness just to prove my body is who I am.

HS:  The good news is, what you are in truth is created apart from all this.  Your defenses against the truth of our Oneness by seeing yourself as separate or physically ill cannot defeat the truth you attack.  What I have created perfect and whole cannot become separate or ill.  

ME:  How do we heal our bodies then?

HS:  Healing will first come to your mind as it is opened with the peace of My Truth.  As your belief in being a body weakens, your body will actually become strengthened. It will heal because the source of what is making it sick will be gone.  You will no longer believe you are separate from Me.  

ME:  Is this how the miracle of physical healing is achieved?

HS:  Yes.  And when you heal your mind, you are not healed alone.  Because you are all One Mind in Me, one mind can bring healing to ALL. It is through holding this correct inner thought of Oneness with All Life that causes the outer transformation. In order to heal the body, you must not see each other as bodies.  

ME:  You make it sound so easy.

HS:  It is easy to see the world as it is in truth if you make the decision to do so consciously.  But before you can heal others, you must accept the Atonement for yourself.  To accept the Atonement, you accept yourself as I created you; a being in Union with all others and Me; not as the separate body the ego would have you believe you are. And when you truly believe this in your mind to the point it brings you peace, salvation from the ego is found. And only salvation can cure the separation that ails you.  Hear My Word, and you are healed.  My Word, is that you be in peace and Union with Me.

~Beth Geer

(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: 

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 136, 137, 138, 139, 140)

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Beth Geer

Author of “Awakening To One Love” and the 52-card meditation deck “Awakening Cards.”