We Can Easily Do The Impossible

HS (Holy Spirit): Do you think I would ever ask you to do something impossible?  Do you think I would ever ask you to perform a task you could not possibly achieve?


ME:  Is this a rhetorical question or do you really want me to answer that?


HS:  Just a yes or no.


ME:  Well I suppose not.


HS:  You are correct.  I would never ask you to do something you could possibly fail in doing for Me.  And here I am only asking you to do one thing for Me and yet you act as if you cannot do it. But do you know why you cannot fail in the one task I have set before you?


ME:  Just go ahead and tell me.


HS:  Because our minds are One Mind, and what I Will is what will be so.  You have only to join My Will in order to accomplish what I ask.


ME:  I’m not entirely sure what Your Will even is, much less be confident I have joined with it.


HS:  My Will is simply for you to remember your Oneness in Me. My Will is Total Union.  My Will is loving peace with All That Is.


ME:  Well that sounds nice.  How do I join with Your Will to be that with You?


HS: Forgiveness.  It is the key to unlocking the door that is not locked which keeps your mind from wholly joining Mine.  Forgiveness offers everything you want.


ME:  My “key” seems to be broken.  Forgiveness is not working for me.  The door remains locked and my mind does not feel “joined” to anything but my own.


HS:  That is an illusion.  There is no door.


ME:  Sigh.  Right. And yet, here I am – living like an island.


HS:  Forgiveness of all you see surrounding your island will bring you to the mainland.


ME:  Okay, well I feel like I am forgiving, and yet where is the mainland?


HS:  Right here.  Within you.  Within your very mind.  In fact, your mind holds only what you think with Me.  Everything else outside of you is just an illusion in need of forgiveness.  


ME:  I see no hope of escaping this illusion.  It’s too real to me.  I get caught up in it all the time and forget to forgive it.


HS:  That is because you still see things in it you think you want more than My peace.


ME:  I don’t know how to “un-want” them.


HS: Gratitude.  Simply be grateful you don’t have to want or need anything in this world because you are one with Me and there is nothing beyond Me you could need. This is My gift to you.


ME:  Well that’s very nice to hear, but this world is obnoxiously in front of me just the same.


HS:  Have you tried giving the world a rest?  Extend it some peace and sanity?


ME:  Um.  I don’t know.


HS:  Let your thoughts about the world rest in quiet and you will receive as you give.  My Word will come to you, and embrace your heart in the peace you have given.


ME:  That sounds awesome.  Yes, I would love that.


HS:  Then simply remember there is no love but Mine and that the world you see holds nothing that you want.  The world you see will drive you insane.  If you do not like how this feels, then let go of your thoughts about it and rest in My peace instead.  There you will find the quiet that you seek.  And then you will have accomplished what I have asked you to do for Me: give true forgiveness.  And so you see that I ask nothing of you that is impossible to achieve, and neither will you fail in doing what I ask, because you have joined with My Will. And what I Will, shall be done.


ME:  So all I have to do is let go of my thoughts about the world and I will have achieved true forgiveness?  Still sounds impossible.


HS:  In quiet you will receive My Word, and My Word is the Unity of All Creation.  Let go of thoughts of separation and you release the world to be as I created it in My Word.  This will also bring release to yourself as you release All Creation to be as I created it. All that you give will be given unto yourself.  


ME:  I’m still unclear as to how not thinking about the world releases it.


HS:  To cease to think about it is release from the form you see it as.  It is forgiveness to see past the restrictions of solid form to My Love within all living things.  There is nothing else.  There is no Love but Mine.  The world you see holds nothing that you want.  Beyond this world is a world you want.


ME:  I wish I could see it!


HS:  It is impossible to see two worlds.  Especially when only one exists in truth.  You will never see both illusion and True Reality. You must commit to one or the other. What you seek, you shall find. And no one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.  I am not asking you to do the impossible, only to do something different.

~Beth Geer

(Interview with the Holy Spirit inspired by: 

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 141, 142, 143, 144, 145)

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Beth Geer

Author of the book, “Awakening To One Love” and the card deck “Awakening Cards: 52 Meditations With God” in partnership with the highly acclaimed Norwegian artist Kenneth Laugen.