Just What ARE God's Thoughts?

HS (Holy Spirit):  I would like you to know My Thoughts.


ME:  All right. So tell me, what exactly are the Thoughts of God?


HS:  YOU are one of My Thoughts.  This is how each of you was created by Me.  I had a Thought to be in relationship with Myself, and as a result of this desire, each of you came into existence.  


ME:  Well it seems to me that some of Your “Thoughts” are not very good.  There are a few people who could use a little more work, if You know what I mean?  Or maybe You forgot a few of Your Thoughts?


HS:  I assure you, My Thoughts are Perfect as I created Them.  I have only the highest quality Thoughts, and I have forgotten no one.


ME:  Hm.  I think there are a few who would beg to differ with You.


HS:  I want you to listen very carefully to what I am about to say next.


ME:  Listening.


HS:  I never forget a Thought once I’ve created It. You are each a precious Thought of Mine, held dearly in My Loving Mind.  No one has become something “other” than the Perfect Being you have each been created as.  You have simply forgotten Who You Are and now think you are something different.  You will forever and always be - my Perfect Loving Thoughts.


ME:  Well I seem to see only imperfect “Thoughts” all around me.  I’d like to see them as You see us.


HS:  It is what you think about yourself as a body that has changed what you see.


ME:  Well, I see what I see.  I can’t seem to help it.


HS:  You “see what you see” because you waste enormous amounts of time on senseless thoughts about what other people say and do – especially on those who appear to have “wronged” you. 


ME:  I know. Despite all our conversations about this topic, I still have difficulty when people act in ways I don’t like.


HS:  When someone acts unfavorably towards you, it is because you have failed to see their Inner Light.  You have forgotten your Love in connection with All Things.  When this happens, it then becomes your job to remember this for the both of you.


ME:  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best at remembering.


HS:  Remembering comes with faith in the Truth about your Identity as Love.  “Yet faith unites you in the holiness you see, not through the body’s eyes, but in the sight of Him Who joined you, and in Him Whom you are united.”  (ACIM Ch.19.12.7)  And be you healed by grace together, that you may heal through faith in your true Identity in Me.


ME:  … And remembering we are joined by God’s Love and not separated by bodies is Christ’s Vision.


HS:  Correct. When you focus on what people are saying and doing with their bodies, you are focusing on the error in them. No error can interfere with the calm sight of the Light within them.  Hold this in front of you like a shielding beacon of My grace, and you will protect your mind from what you think you see with your eyes.  Do not fall into the temptation to believe anyone is a mere body.


ME:  It can be hard to remember these things in the heat of an argument.


HS:  If you fall into temptation to believing that what others say and do can harm you, you fall in your thinking.  It is a low quality thought.  Remember that My Thoughts are only of the highest quality. You are each a high quality person because you are My highest Thought.


ME:  Okay, I’ll try to remember that even though someone appears to be a “low life” they are actually one of Your High Quality Thoughts.  Yet this idea is so contradictory to what I see when people act in “low quality” ways I have difficulty remembering it.


HS:  Simply remember this:


Learn to ask only for My blessing of Love 

To reach out to you from within another.

You remain as I created you

Despite what you see with your eyes.

Though your body may die

Even at the hands of another

You will live on

Free and unharmed.

You are eternally with Me

At one with Me

Your Source.

Do not deny My Thoughts that surround you.

You are entrusted with remembering Them

As They are in Truth.

They are My gifts to you

Given for you to see Me within Them.

And when you do

Your mind will be free of this world at last.

You do not each live separately

In a world of conflict and pain.

There is only one life

And you share it with Me.

The power of My grace is given you to see others as I do.

Claim My grace now

By choosing peace instead of conflict.

You can make this decision any time

By remembering I am but Love

And therefore so must you each be

As one of My Perfect Loving Thoughts.

Believe this with My perfect faith

And you are healed.

*   *   *   



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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (176, 177, 178, 179, 180)