Step Out Of The Darkness And Into Enlightenment

HS (Holy Spirit):  I would like you to step out of the dark desperation of this world and into the salvation of My Light.


ME:  Okay. Fine.  Let’s watch me try.  Here I go.


(Now I sit quietly for a moment, thoughts scattered, wondering exactly what it is I’m supposed to do…)


ME:  Hmmmm. Nothing happened.  At least I don’t think it did.  How do I step into Your Light?


HS:  To step into My Light, you must lay aside all your thoughts about darkness.  This world is comprised of darkness, because every physical form you see actually blocks My Light.  You must forgive yourself for seeing physical forms and choose to see My Light beyond them.


ME:  Okay. Let my try again.  


(Now I make a strong effort to “empty my mind” of all thoughts about the world only to find I’ve probably just increased them.) 


ME:  Hmmmm. Again, nothing.  No change.


HS:  Some are delivered into My Light in slow gentle stages, while others, more rarely, come into It quite suddenly.


ME:  I’m obviously one of the “slow ones.”  


HS:  Just remember one thing above all else; God is but Love and therefore so are you. There is nothing else, because I am nothing else.  All living things exist in a field of My Living Love, and therefore all things carry an echo of My Love behind their form.  All things carry the echo of My Love and when you forgive your seeing their form over My Love, you will hear My Voice in the quiet stillness you’ve created.


ME:  I would love to hear the quiet still Voice of God behind the form of all living things.


HS:  You hold the power of decision to do this.  All you must do is decide My Light is more important than the error of the form you see before you.


ME:  But what if the “form” I see is trying to hurt me in some way?  What then?  Lay down like a doormat because Your Light is in their body somewhere?


HS:  Just as you should not hold onto your own unloving thoughts, neither should you hold onto unloving people.  This does not mean you should engage in conflict with them.  Absolutely not.  It only means that you should let go of who you think they are.  You see no one as they are in truth, and you should let go of your own unloving thoughts about them.


ME:  So I shouldn’t defend myself?


HS:  It is through being defenseless that you will find safety; but not as the world defines  “defenseless,” but rather as I define it.  To be defenseless in Me, is to cease to defend the reality of the form you see above the reality of My Spirit within them.  Unequivocally accept only My Lightwithin the form. Nothing else about your brethren is true.


ME:  Oh I see. 


HS:  Yes, in time you willsee; you will see everyone in My Light - even your “enemies.”  And by holding them in My Vision, you will be counted among the ministers of God.  You will be a bringer of My Light into this world of darkness.  The power of fear your “enemies” seem to hold over you in the form of attack will literally dissolve before your eyes.


ME:  Okay, so let me get this straight.  Because I cannot see anyone as they are in truth, (the way You see us as One Love) I am pretty much blind here in this world.  And because of this, I have to completely trust in what You are saying about others; they are my brethren in Light and Love and not the bodies I see.


HS:  Yes.  And when you do this, you step back and let Me lead the way.  The blind cannot lead the blind.  You must learn you walk with Me in perfect holiness within this mindset at all times. Understand that it is only your awareness of My presence that is in need of healing.  I am always here within you, and within your brethren that surround you. You are always within My presence. In fact, you may enter it now.


ME:  I tried that already just a moment ago, remember?  Didn’t work.


HS:  Did it not? I think it did work, but you are not yet seeing the results.  The proper use of time is for learning to receive what you have been given. You have each been given My Light and when you learn to give this to everyone by seeing My Light in them, you will receive the awareness of My Light in all things.  And so it is, you learn to give as you have received.


ME:  That would be a miracle.


HS:  Indeed it is a miracle.  And as you give such miracles, you will receive them.  The only strangers you see here now are covered by your own fear.  Fear holds the form of bodies in front of your eyes.  You are afraid to see Me within them, and so you cloak everyone in a body in order to protect yourself.  You even sometimes decide some “body” is your enemy to reinforce your fear and belief in the bodily identity.  Yet, all you have ever looked upon is My Love.  Unveil them now.  Release Me from within them, and through My release, you will release yourself unto your One Self.  And then at last, you will step out of the darkness and into My Light.  En-Lightenment will be yours.  

*   *   *

Thank you for reading!  I love you!  And thank you for bringing your awesome Light to the world!



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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (171, 172, 173, 174, 175)