And There By God's Grace Go You...

HS (Holy Spirit):  If you continue to go in the same direction, the same things will continue to happen to you.  If you would like to experience the opposite of suffering, you must cease moving towards what does not bring you happiness.


ME:  Well yes, that makes complete sense.  But sometimes we’re not aware there is another way.  We feel trapped and see no way out; no direction that will bring us to the happiness we seek.


HS:  There has always and forever been only one Way; one real choice in where you are going.


ME:  I know.  Home to You.


HS:  Yes, you know this, yet you do not seem to know where to find Me.


ME:  Well, You say You are within us.  But “looking within” doesn’t always make sense.  It sounds like an abstract concept that most of us find difficult to understand.  We’re not sure how to go about “looking within” in the first place!


HS:  Then I will tell you how to do so very plainly.  To “look within” is to acknowledge the love you hold for the rest of humankind and Myself.  It is to accept that we are all part of One Love, One Life and One Self, whom you love above all things.


ME:  Still sounds abstract in comparison to what we see.


HS:  What if I told you that loving others is as easy and involuntary to you as breathing?  It is involuntary only to the extent that you are unwilling to recognize you are doing it. If you could recognize how you are connected to all living things through My Love, it would become a wholly conscious and joyous choice.  You would suddenly become aware of My Love that is currently being blocked by your decision to look in another direction.  


ME:  What direction are we looking in then?


HS:  You look to the body.  You think that it is who you are, when Who You Are is too magnificent to be contained within any physical form.  


ME:  Yet all we see here are bodies.


HS:  And you can use your body to escape the perception of it.


ME:  Okay, well I’d like to hear a technique we can use to do that.

HS:  Sit quietly and simply notice your breathing.  Then become aware that it is My Love that gives you the energy to do so.  Focus your awareness on the fact that it is My Love that sustains you.  It is My Love that unites you with all living things. My Love emanates from them to you, and from you to them.  In this way, all living things sustain one another.  It is my gift to you, and your gift to one another; and you are each entrusted with this gift.  All you must do in order to accept this gift is acknowledge My Love in them as it extends to you.


ME:  I don’t always recognize Your gift of Love from others.  The people in this world can be awful to one another.


HS:  You will not always see My gift of Love expressed through actions or words as the body dictates.  This is because the body is not who you are and because My Love has no physical form. You can become aware of It though, just as you can become aware of your breathing.  You can become aware of My One Life, the Love you share in Me that sustains you. 


ME:  By the grace of God, I would love to do that.


HS:  My grace is already given you and you can claim it now.


ME:  You know, grace is one of those words that I think I understand, but really don’t.  We use it all the time in society, but what does it really mean to live by Your grace?


HS:  As I stated above, I have placed within each of you a gift from Me, and it is the gift of My grace.  My grace is your strength, your peace, and My Love.  It is the one thing that can set you free from the ties that bind you here to this world.  My grace is the one thing that is truly yours in all the universe of both time and eternity. It is the only thing you can truly give and receive.  It is the gift of the Holy Spirit within you.  And there by My grace do you go.  It is by My grace that you live, and it is by My grace that you will be released from the prison of this reality.


ME:  Your words remind me of the famous quote by John Bradford, “And there by the grace of God go I.”  However, releasing my mind from this reality always scares me a little bit; it sounds like I have to die or something in order to achieve it.


HS:  There is no death, because you share in My One Life, and I am eternally yours.  Death is the idea of separation from Me, and should not be feared because we are forever One. When you say you fear death, your are actually saying you fear to let go of the idea of separation from Me.  I am asking you to let go of what causes you fear – every thought rooted in fear; be it sorrow, loss, depression and any slight deviation from My Perfect Joy.  You mistake Me for a cruel god who would ask you to suffer in order to be released. There is no cruelty in Me and therefore none in you because of our Unity.  You feel fear in response to transformation because you still think you stand to loose something of value.  Defend this reality no longer, lay down your resistance to My Love – accept the truth of it coming to you from all of your brethren - and you will see that the bodies you cling to are false.  And so it is that by My grace you all go, and by My grace you will finally recognize all those you love, for they complete your One Self in Me.  And you will rush to thank them for their gift to you.

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I thank you!  I love you!  Stay awesome!

(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: 166, 167, 168, 169, 170)