The One Response To Every Unpleasant Person.

HS (Holy Spirit): Your mind is the most sacred space there is, and it should be treated as such.  Unloving thoughts should not be allowed to pollute it.


ME:  I know.  It’s just so hard sometimes.  Sometimes there are people who come into my life that I find very unpleasant and negative thoughts about them just creep right in.


HS:  All effort is seen as maximal.  And I also understand that you not sure what to do about these thoughts.


ME:  Yes.  Sometimes people come into my life, and I find that I would rather not continue contact with them.  Then I feel guilty for ending the contact because I think I’m not being a good person. I have no idea what to do about this.


HS:  You must learn that it is only your thoughts about them that are in need of healing, and continued contact with them is not required. It is only your perception of them that must change.  


ME:  Your words come as a relief to me.  It’s a relief to know I don’t have to maintain relationships with people I don’t like just because I feel guilty.


HS:  Your only task is to identify the need for healing within yourself.


ME:  Sometimes that’s hard to do.  It’s hard to see where I need healing, when clearly the angry person in front of me is the unhappy one.


HS:  You ask them for their blessing.  Ask from deep within yourself, that the holy Son of God step forward within them and give you blessing.  Do this rather than allowing yourself to be tempted into believing that their body is their identity.  It is who you think they are as a body that bothers you.  


ME:  Well, for example, as a pharmacist, I come into contact on a daily basis with people who are upset or suffering in one way or another. And sometimes they decide that I am the cause of their suffering and say and do things that are unpleasant to me.


HS:  Know that even though bodies can harm one another, minds cannot.  It is what bodies do that you fear or dislike.  Know that by asking for My blessing from within them, your vision of them will shift from a fearful body to a Vision of My Love.  


ME:  I’m not so sure that will actually work.  


HS:  Remember that only thoughts of peace are worthy of your Holy Mind.  All else is clutter blocking the vision of My Light within them.  Lay all other thoughts to rest.  You do not want them.  They defile the holy altar where I abide within your mind – your most sacred inner space.


ME:  So by simply stating “Give me your blessing holy Son of God,” (Lesson 161 ACIM Workbook) within my mind when I encounter an unpleasant person, I will heal the situation?


HS:  In asking for My blessing from within them, you are seeing the other person in the light of their highest truth: as My Holy Son, beloved of Me.  You are each as I created you, and you are each a part of My One Son.  You are Love and nothing else about you is true.  Seek only to see this highest truth.  What you see as attack is actually attracted to you by unloving thoughts from within your own mind.  Each of you is a Holy Loving Thought of Mine, and I think only Loving Thoughts.  See yourself as living among the Sons of God, and you release yourself to their love. I am here, within each of you now, sustaining you with My Love.  Do not accept anything you see contrary to that, for it is but a symbol of your fear of Me.  


ME:  So if someone enters my life that I do not like, I am actually just mistaking You for an enemy?  You’re still in there somewhere?  But what if I still really don’t want them in my life?  


HS:  You don’t have to be friends with every human being on the planet.  But you DO have to love them.  And they must love you in return, because My Love comes involuntarily through each of you to each other.  I am only asking that you acknowledge and accept this truth.


ME:  It is difficult to imagine that people who attack me also love me.


HS:  Yet this is so.  It is true by the very nature of your existence.  You exist in a constant state of My Love, united in My Embrace. My Love is the gift you give one another.  This is what sustains you, and it is the only gift worthy of your Holy Mind.  


ME:  How do I change my mind in order to see Your Love extending from other people to me?  Especially when they are in the process of attacking me?


HS:  Say this to yourself, “I accept only your gift of Love from God.  Nothing but God’s Love is true about you.  I will not fall into temptation to believe otherwise.  I will only see what is of value in you, because your holiness reflects my own.”  

Remember: All people who come to you are sent because they are in need of healing.  And as you see them correctly, you heal yourself as well. When you find them unpleasant, do not forget they are a Loving Thought of Mine, who you see incorrectly.  Do not deny My Thoughts; release them by asking for My Blessing and refusing to accept anything less than My Love from them.

~Beth Geer author of “Awakening To One Love” and “Awakening Cards: 52 Meditations With God.”  You can purchase these now in the menu above!! :) 

Thank You!  I love you!  Stay amazing!

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: 161, 162, 163, 164, 165)