Letting Go Of All Worry

HS (Holy Spirit): I see that your mind is often preoccupied with worries.


ME:  Yes, I agree with that.  Especially when I think about the future.


HS:  You must learn to be as a flower in a field.  It accepts what I have planned for it, rather than worrying about its own personal agenda.  


ME:  Well, I seem to have trust issues then because I am often uncertain of what Your plan might be and that gives me anxiety.  


HS:  There is no reason to feel that way.  It is the same Plan I have for everyone.  You all share in My Plan together, following the same path towards your single happy destination.  


ME:  And how do I recognize when I am on Your path?


HS:  You are always and forever on it; it is the path beneath your feet now.  It is the path each of you is currently walking.  However, the path becomes much shorter if you follow it in a specific way, with a particular mindset, and it is simply this: walk your current path with acceptance and gratitude for everything you encounter.


ME:  Ah, and this is how the flowers in a field are?


HS:  Yes.  They walk their path with such acceptance.


ME:  I don’t think of flowers as exactly “walking” or “accepting” anything on a spiritual path.  They just seem to sit there doing their flower business.


HS:  Look closer.  They are steeped in My wisdom.  In stillness they greet each day with humble gratitude whether the sun shines or whether it rains.  They accept it all and keep growing.  They do not struggle against the wind when it threatens to blow them down; neither do they mourn any misfortune.  They embrace what is happening to them in the present moment and allow it to be.


ME:  As a human being, it is difficult to have that mindset.


HS:  Simply say to yourself under all circumstances, “I see and accept what’s happening to me now. I trust that I will not stand here at the edge of fear for long.  I will move through this with courage, strength and grace.”  Then just observe the event or circumstance as it passes you by without any attachment at all to the outcome and just keep growing.


ME:  Well those are certainly lovely words.  But You know, I’m sure that if I were a flower, I would actually be sitting in terror each day, wondering if a cow will come along and chew my head off or something.


HS:  Observe their serenity and you will know this would not be true.  The flowers are at peace in the present moment.  They are accepting “what is.”  Even if a cow comes along and chews their head off, they accept it with dignity and grace.  They walk with Me in perfect holiness.


ME:  It still seems easier to practice acceptance when you’re just a flower.


HS:  Is it?  I imbue all things with Life.  I am within all things, and therefore just as much a part of you as I am a flower.  None of you has ever left Me.  You are in My Presence now.  You have a great advantage over a flower in that you can consciously realize this fact and make it part of your awareness and grow from it by leaps and bounds.


ME:  Yes, I do love to become quiet and allow the realization of Your Presence to come into my mind.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it overwhelms me with love.  


HS:  Yes, My Love is a gift to each of you, and one that each of you is learning to give as you have received from Me.  When you allow yourself to realize My Love is within everyone you meet or think of, you release them from your ego.  To see others in this way is to see them with Christ Vision.  Christ’s Vision is My gift – a vision of Oneness that lies beyond the body.  To see in this way is a miracle.


ME:  So how does seeing other people as One with me alleviate my worries about the future?


HS:  When you practice Christ Vision, you realize you have never left Home – everyone is still here with you, as am I.  You will realize you have never left Me.  It is fear who is the stranger here, and clothed everyone in a separate body you do not recognize.  Fear has caused you to mistake everyone for a stranger.  You do not see Me.  You will become fearless of other bodies and free of all worry and concern over your future once you accept the gift of My Sight.  My Sight is to see your Self within all people and remember that you are beloved of them because I am within them, and you are all beloved of Me. You have nothing to fear about your future when you realize it lies only with Me.  And we have never been strangers.

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by “A Course In Miracles” Workbook lessons: 156, 157, 158,158, 160)