What Should We Do When We Suffer From Thoughts About The Past?

HS (Holy Spirit): You seem to think there is something you must do in response to people who have been unpleasant towards you in the past.


ME:  Well yes, I don’t enjoy unpleasant experiences with people. I want to know how to fix things when I have conflict with others.


HS:  Yes, I see how your mind races in circles at times, replaying events and conversations with these people, seeking to change the outcome in your mind.  You seem to think there was something better you could have said or done to bring you the results you think you wanted.


ME:  Hmmm.  Yes that’s true.  I do that sometimes.


HS:  So I tell you, in order to heal yourself of this you need only remember one simple thing:you need do nothing.  The only action you need to take on the past is to allow your mind to rest in peace in the present.  No correction is necessary except to allow the present moment to be as it is.


ME:  That sounds simple enough, but in practice it isn’t easy to do.


HS:  That is because you still think there is something you must do.


ME:  Well I think it would be easier if there was something I could do.


HS:  There is only one thing you can do.  You can change your mind about what it is you think you need to do.  


ME:  And could You please give me the specifics on how to do that?


HS:  Remember that you see nothing in this world as it is in Truth.  You cannot see the Oneness of All Creation, or My Love that sustains All Things.  All things are echoes of My Voice, despite what your eyes may show you.  To remember this, is a decision you must consciously make, and in this decision lies your greatest power and total release from suffering.


ME:  I would dearly love to remember to make this decision under all circumstances.


HS:  Then remember that because all things are imbued with My Life, My Love and My Voice, you have nothing to fear.  Your safety lies in being defenseless.  By seeing yourself as attacked, you give the ego power to enslave you in a world of hate and loss.  In truth, you cannot be attacked and you are slave to nothing. 


ME:  Yeah, I don’t always see it that way though.


HS:  To escape the traps the ego would set for you, remember that defensiveness is weakness.  It is the acknowledgment that you are a body instead of Light.  It is to give way to fear over the reality of Christ in one another.  Cease to play the childish games of this world, for you are among My ministers. Each of you is one of My Holy Messengers, sent to one another bearing My Light.  It is up to each of you to see it with gratitude and recognition in one another. 


ME:  I will try to remember to do that.


HS:  And in doing so, you will be able to count yourself among My ministers; the ones Who bear the message of My Word to the world.


ME:  I always get so confused whenever “Your Word” is mentioned. What exactly IS Your Word?


HS:  My Word is the message of My Love, and My Love is Unity. And the purpose of My Love is to Unify of All Life, and it is My Will that you believe this message for yourself, and then deliver it to everyone else through seeing only My Love within them.


ME:  That sounds like a big job.  


HS:  It is simple.  All you must do is accept that My Word is true, then step back and allow Me to lead the way.  You step back when you step away from the idea you are a fallible body rather than My Infallible Spirit.  All roads truly do lead to Me, but you must make the choice to lay down what you see in others in this world, knowing it is only an illusion.  For it is I Who walk with you, as I am within your brethren. Lay down what your physical eyes and ears think they know about the people around you.  You need do nothing else but this and you will never suffer from your thoughts again.

~Beth Geer author of “Awakening To One Love” and “Awakening Cards: 52 Meditations With God.”  You can purchase either of them now either by finding them at the top of my webpage, OR my book is available on Amazon at:


(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: 

A Course In Miracles  Workbook Lessons: 151, 152, 153, 154, 155)


Beth Geer