The Laws Of This World Need Not Apply

HS (Holy Spirit):  Every problem you’ve ever had stems from the body.  


ME:  Hmm yes, I suppose You’re right.  There isn’t a problem I can think of that isn’t associated with my body or someone else’s body in some way.


HS:  Therefore, there is no problem that could not be solved through forgiveness of believing the body is who you are.


ME:  Why do we need to “forgive” the body?  It seems it IS who we are.


HS:  You are not a body; you are free.  And you still remain as I created you.  


ME:  Well we all sure look like a lot of bodies to me.


HS:  What you do not see, is that everyone around you is part of you, and you are blessed in your Oneness with one another.  Yet while you believe you are separate bodies, living separate lives, attack seems justified.  Trust in one another appears impossible until you understand your Oneness.


ME:  Yes, it appears so.


HS:  Imagine if you did not believe in your separation?  How different would the world be if you truly believed you were One? What if you fully awakened to the fact that you are not a body – that you were free of all its associated pains and problems – and absolutely knew you were as I created you?


ME:  Well I think we would all stop attacking and judging one another for sure.



HS:  Correct. And until you DO believe this, attack will always seem justified, for it will appear to you that you can be harmed by someone separate from yourself.  Only bodies can harm one another.  Love cannot. For it is impossible for Love to harm Itself.  And Love is what you are in truth.  So when you feel attack thoughts enter your mind; when you sense your thinking has caused you some form of discomfort; simply be still an instant, and I will step forward in your mind to lend you My Strength and My Comfort during these trying times.


ME:  Being still is the last thing our minds seem to want to do when we are upset…


HS:  Indeed, the ego always speaks first.  But then call upon My Name and let the next Voice you hear be Mine.  When you call upon My Name, you are also calling upon your own Name – the Name of Oneness to save you from temptation to believe in what is not true about you.  My Name is your deliverance from the hell of separation, and reminds you that you are not a body, though you seem to be subject to the laws of this world; laws that say you must be sick, hurt and dying.  As a creation of Mine, My Name is your inheritance.  My Name is Love, and My Love is eternal and not subject to the laws of the body or this world you think you live in.


ME:  I think we would all like to live free of the laws of this world; the laws of the body.


HS:  There is another law you can learn to live by: God’s Law of Seeing, and it is this: You see what you believe, and you believe it, because you want it to be true.


ME:  So if we don’t want to be bound to the laws of the body anymore, we can just stop believing it is who we are?  And that’s that?


HS:  Yes, and understand that you are only under My Law of Love, which is: Love creates Itself, and nothing but Itself. Therefore it is impossible for you to be anything less.


ME:  I will try and remember then, that we are not bodies, we are free, and we are still as You created us to be; a creation of Your Love.


HS:  And in remembering this, you will find the peace of God.  The peace of God is the goal of everything you want; the aim to replace all your striving here, while you live in a place that is not your home. 


And so I give you My peace, My peace I leave with you.  But not as the world gives peace – a peace that can be lost – but peace as I give; an eternal peace as a creation of My everlasting Love.  Accept the peace of knowing this is Who You Truly Are.  

Believe this, and you will be healed.

*   *   *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (201, 202, 203, 204, 205)