Release The Ego And Hear Your Inner "YES!"

HS (Holy Spirit):  It is important that you begin to realize that any slight disturbance to your peace has nothing to do with outside circumstances.  It is the inner response of your ego to not “getting its own way.” Loss of peace is the direct result of your ego demanding changes in someone else or outside circumstances.  


ME:  Hmm makes me sound like a spoiled brat - or an evil dictator – demanding that people and circumstances bend to my will.


HS:  In essence, that is an apt description of the ego, yes.  When you are not happy, it is always because your ego is resisting the present moment.  It is wishing something about your life were different; be it past circumstances, present situations, or future worry.  Whatever the reason you think you are upset, it always boils down to your ego not getting what it wants.  And in response to things not going as desired, it offers you discomfort, depression and anxiety.  


ME:  So basically, the voice of the ego is every single inner “no” we feel in response to the world outside of us.


HS:  Yes. The voice of the ego is the opposite to surrender, the opposite to acceptance, and the opposite to your inner “yes” – which would make you feel much better if you would listen to My Voice instead of the ego.


ME:  Okay, well even though I can hear You plainly right now, Your Voice goes silent the second life takes an unexpected turn.  How do I keep my peace during those times my ego shouts “NOOOOOO!!!” inside my head when disaster strikes?  Or even when I feel just a small irritating inner “no” in response to something I don’t feel like doing?


HS:  First, relax into the discomfort.  Don’t try to resist or control it in any way, shape or form.  


Second, trust.  Trust the process you are in, and that what’s being presented to you now is exactly what you need in order to bring you closer to Me and move your mind farther away from your ego.  Every unpleasant experience is a lesson in forgiveness and love you have yet to learn – being presented to you once again, in another way.


ME:  Oh yeah, I remember You saying that before.  And that everyone is a gift to us – and the challenging people are those who volunteered to challenge our peace in order that we learn to love in the face of hate.  We do this through remembering You are within them and their body is a false identity. Our true identity remains hidden from sight while we  believe we are bodies.  In truth, we exist in a state of Union in Your Everlasting Love; at peace with one another as You created us – Your beloved children.


HS:  Correct. I have entrusted each of you with the special task of not seeing one another as separate bodies, but rather as part of your One Self bearing My Love and Light.


ME:  It’s just so hard to recognize You when our true Identity in You is invisible to us all. 


HS:  It is a huge first step to recognize that the truth must be revealed to you because you do not know what it is.  Once you recognize you are an unfit judge of everyone you see or think of - simply because you cannot see Me within them – you instantly bless them and yourself with them because you have begun to release both of you from the idea you are a body.  And with this blessing, the door to My boundless Love opens.


ME:  So when I feel an inner “no” to someone or any situation I don’t like, I need to remember to choose “yes” instead.  And I choose “yes” by remembering my discomfort  stems from my ego not getting its way and I have forgotten the truth of our peace in You.  I need to tell my inner spoiled brat to be quiet so I can hear Your loving Voice instead of my ego.


HS:  Yes. In those situations where you find your peace suddenly lost, remember to ask yourself:  Do I want the peace of Heaven above all else?  If you answer “yes” then you must be willing to let go of all judgment of the world, for you know not what your eyes behold.  


You look upon some and say you love them and you look upon others and say you despise them – and yet in truth all are equal in My Love and Light – each a part of your One Self in Me.  In this view the only correct perception of your brethren is that of deep appreciation and gratitude – not fear or hate or even mild irritation.


ME:  And that correct perception of my brethren is the “gift” I give them that blesses them?


HS:  Yes. And as you give, so shall you receive. My Answer to every problem you seem to have that brings you an inner “no” will always be an answer where no one loses.  There will be no sacrifice asked of anyone, for healing belongs to everyone.  


What justice would Love give if some deserved to suffer more and others less?  


No one deserves to suffer and My Love is wholly just.


No one is held separate and apart from Love’s healing - and so you should not hold anyone apart from it in your mind.


There is no unforgiveable error.  Everyone is entitled to Love’s gift of healing and deliverance unto My peace.  


So give your problems to Me to be solved, for then it means that you want them solved  - and solved for all eternity.  


ME:  I think it will be difficult for some of us to give our problems over to You to be solved by Your equal Love.  For starters, I’m just thinking of all the people I know who have been abused as children.


HS:  When you feel such painful thoughts enter your mind, simply say to yourself:


This thought I do not want.  I choose the peace of God instead.


Ask then that it be removed from your mind and replaced with My peace.  


You want the peace of Heaven above all else.  Surely you must want it above all your thoughts of hate and attack – thoughts of unfairness and being unloved?  And would it be so difficult to choose peace over any lesser thought?


ME:  You make it sound so easy to do.  I feel dumb for feeling an inner “no” to anything.  When I really pay attention to my feelings, I see they go up and down all day long – very subtly sometimes, but I notice it.


HS:  Indeed. The emotions of the ego can change ten times an hour as it judges every change in circumstance.  Your peace seems to be lost at the slightest unloving word from another, or the tiniest hurdle in your day.  


Just remember: when you deny anyone peace in your mind, you deny yourself peace as well.  Pardon them their bodily words and actions – they struggle as you do and have forgotten their peace with you just as you have forgotten yours with them.


Your pardon must be just – for everyone – or you will not find it for yourself.


This is how you learn that giving and receiving are the same. As you give Love’s Justice and see all people without the ego’s judgment, so shall you be released from judgment yourself.


See no differences where none exist.  


ME:  Which means look past the body to Your Light beyond the forms we think we are.


HS:  Yes, and in order to do this, you must hush the voice of your ego and be still.  Feel the whole earth be still with you.  And in that stillness you will feel My peace shining within you and My Love will step forward, overshadowing the ego as it retreats from My Light.  And in that holy instant, My Love will set you free.  


You will have chosen My joy instead of pain and My joy will be given to you as you have asked.  

*     *     *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”


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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (206, 207, 208, 209, 210)