Why Is There A Delay In Awakening?

HS (Holy Spirit):  There is one problem that you all have, and no one seems to know what to do about it.


ME:  What’s that?


HS:  You each seem to think that there is an interval of time between your desire to heal and awaken to the Truth, and when it actually happens.


ME:  Well, yes of course we do.  We want healing, but then it seems to never come, or it comes so slowly we can barely tell it’s happening.  It all seems to take time.


HS:  And I am telling you, there is no interval of time in which this needs to take place. You are already healed.  You are already awake.


ME:  Well what’s keeping us from realizing this?


HS:  Your belief that it takes time.  Your belief that there is a barrier you must cross before healing can be accepted. This belief is a reflection of the little “you” that still wants to believe you are only a body.  The small you is where your ego would keep you. Release the belief you are a mere body and that you are separate from your brethren.  It is this mistaken belief that creates distance between yourself and your fellows.  The ego wants to keep this distance between you in order to maintain itself.


ME:  How do we release the belief we are bodies?


HS:  You must learn to regain your trust in one another.  The body ensures you will never fully trust your brethren because seeing everyone external to you gives you an “enemy” that could harm you.  To trust in your Unity with your fellows instead, would mean that every problem between you would be solved.  The ego cannot have this.  It relies on the problems between you to sustain itself.  It would fall into ruin if you truly believed you were each the holy Son of God Himself.


ME:  But what if now that I’m aware of this setup, I decide I no longer want my ego?  How do I bring about its ruin?


HS:  You fulfill your function here.


ME:  And that is…?


HS:  As I have always told you: Forgiveness is your only function here.  Forgive the separation you see between yourself and everyone else.  Your body is a false perception that needs correction.


ME:  And as I have always told You: That’s easier said than done.


HS:  All things presented to you here in this world, are lessons I would have you learn. Each lesson can be a miracle offered to you, as each thought that hurts you is replaced with one that heals. Learn from Me instead of the ego. I teach only peace, for that is what I AM.  Forget all the lessons the world would teach you of pain and sickness, separation and joyless defeat at every turn.  I would teach you that you are beyond all this; I would teach you, that you are each created as part of My One Son.


ME:  I hear what You’re saying, and I think I understand it, but I’m still struggling to see myself as surrounded by loving parts of Your One Son.  It still seems like it will take us a long time to learn this.


HS:  Salvation IS immediate, but you are afraid of what you might lose if you accept it - because you know that salvation would wipe out the space that you seem to see between yourself and others.  Total Unity scares you.  And so, you want a little time and a little space kept between you and everyone else, just to ensure your own safety.  With this wish, comes the delay in your awakening.


ME:  I can’t argue with that.  It sort of feels like jumping off a high dive into water; it’s hard to let go of where we feel safe.  It’s hard to trust we’ll be okay once we let go of what’s familiar because we don’t know what will happen to us when we do.  


HS:  The plans you’ve made to ensure your safety all involve the future – where you cannot plan anything.  You look forward, and you look backwards, but always overlooking what is here and now.  You do not realize you are already One.  And in continuously overlooking the present moment, you hold your healing off until a future time.  My child, you don’t realize you are already safe – now.


ME:  Well I wish I could realize that – now


HS:  The correction of your thinking takes no time at all.  Yet the acceptance of it can seem to take forever.  All you need to do is accept a new idea; a new relationship with all people.  You are in a relationship of Oneness with them.  


ME:  But some of those people are not very good.  We all struggle with the mean and unkind and unloving people out there.


HS:  And as you well should – what you see is not Who They Are.  Why should My goodness appear to be evil?  Why would I ask you to trust someone who appears to want to hurt you – simply because I say I am within them?  Am I trying to deceive you?  And why must you wait for the future to see all the good that comes from Me to you through them now


You reason with yourself that although you do not understand My ways of working in the world now, you will someday.  And when that day comes, all meaning in this madness will be clear. 


This is not fair to you and only an unjust god would put you through such endless suffering – a god who appears to want to punish you.  


I am no such God.  


But the ego is.  


And you have invented the ego to replace Me as what you see – and now you see its bodies instead of My Light.  This is the purpose of the ego: to blind you to your Oneness in My Light.


And now I would teach you a new way of seeing.  A way of seeing all people that will erase what the ego sees and erases any interval of time you think must take place before your release from suffering.


Your new purpose; your new function is to release the little space that you think lies between each of you – forgive it.  Forgive the separation you think is there.


Do not be content with future happiness.  You deserve happiness now- not at some future date.  Delay is senseless.  It is not time you need for your release – but forgiveness of the space seen between yourself and your brethren. 


Do not worry about what comes after.  Do not worry about the future - place it in My Hands, for I would be your only Guide into the present moment where you exist as healed right now.  And I walk with you forever in a state of gratitude and Love until your holy instant of release – while you still believe this takes time.

*     *    *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (211, 212, 213, 214, 215)