Every Thought We've Ever Had Has Been Mistaken

HS (Holy Spirit):  Every thought you have ever had about the world since the moment of your physical birth – has been mistaken.  Each of you is insane.  And your insanity is the cause of all the suffering in the world.


ME:  What?


HS:  And there is nothing in this world you can do about it.  There are no worldly rules or religious ceremonies you can follow that will correct this problem.  


ME:  Well then what do You suggest we do?


HS:  The solution lies beyond this world.  It lies within your own mind.


Your mind must be liftedabovethis world and into a level of majesty of spiritual thinking that elevates you – thoughts of truly loving living.  Only this will correct what you think, and thus correct what you see and experience.


ME:  How do we do that?


HS:  You have no idea the harm your thoughts are causing you.  You think that if they are only thoughts, and you do not act on them, that you are safe from their effects.  


Nothing could be further from the truth.  


As with everything in this world, this thinking is backwards.  Everything you think produces an effect of some kind.


ME:  Well if I wasn’t insane before, I will be now if I’m constantly paranoid about every little thought that passes through my head – wondering if it’s a thought that’s going to hurt me or not.


HS:  You needn’t worry about every little thought.  Simply realize you don’t want the ones that already hurt – the ones you can immediately tell upon thinking them that they make you feel bad inside.


ME:  That sounds like a lot of work.


HS:  It is much less than you think.  All you have to do is change your goal in thinking.  What do you think your thoughts are for?


ME:  I dunno. Never gave it much thought I guess.


HS:  Your thoughts are your power.  Your thoughts are the portal through which My Power enters this world.  And you can use your power to either bless your brothers or attack them.  And whichever you choose, you also do to yourself.


ME:  Well there goes all my daydreaming…


HS:  Your goal is to join with Me in doing My Will.  And if you attack and judge Whom I love, then you do not join My Will.  


Your will then becomes the opposite of Mine and you will feel suffering.




If what you are IS My Will, and I have created you as perfect Love and Light, then the suffering person you believe is you, must be a false identity.


ME:  I suppose that makes sense.


HS:  The reason you each sometimes feel strange, uneasy, disconnected, and alone, is because of your belief in your false identity as a body.  


Everyone feels this way at some time or another, without exception.


What you have done is wandered off from the memory of your Unity in Me.


And you wandered off without a plan for your return.


You have decided you are “something else” – an “other” than the Perfect Love you were created as.  And it is this false “body” that you have chosen for your home away from Me, and it is what you look upon in everyone else.  


And you believe everything it shows you to be the truth. 


You have no reason to doubt what your eyes show you; because you have seen nothing else since the moment you opened them at birth.


And so it is, the “something else” that sees, and NOT the Real You.  You walk the world blind, and do not know Whom it is that walks beside you because you cannot see Him.


ME:  Well I’m sure we would all like to heal our blind eyes.  I don’t see how our blindness is something we can even help.


HS:  You heal your blindness by understanding the body does not separate you from your brothers, and if you think it does you are insane.


And when you have thoughts that hold them to the belief they are a body, you attack their Identity in My Divinity.  And because of your Unity, neither your brother nor yourself can be attacked alone.  And when you decide to replace the thought they are a body with the remembrance of their Divinity, you offer them a miracle – in a single holy instant.  And neither of you can accept the miracle of healing without the other being blessed by it, and also healed of your suffering.


This is the power I have given each of you: The power to heal the Son of God because he is one with you.


If you look upon each other with seeing eyes, reason will tell you it is given you to change your whole mind- in which everyone is one with you - in just an instant.


In this way, you heal the world and unleash the power of God upon it.


ME:  That sounds awesome.  And all by just changing our thoughts - forgiving everyone everything they seem to be doing?


HS:  I have one subtle, but big clarification in what you just said.  


You are not forgiving people for what they do with their body.  You are forgiving yourself for seeing a body at all.


It is always only yourself you crucify, and if you suffer, it is forgiveness of the belief in bodies you must offer yourself in order to be released.


And it is also always your own gratitude you earn for making this decision, for you have decided you are One Self.


Release your eyes from the dark vision of the world, for your sightless eyes cannot see My glory in one another.  


You release your eyes to My Light every time you remember: you are not a body; you are free and are still as I created you to be.


You are each My Holy Child - a Divine Creation of My Love and Light. Let your minds never be confused about your identity again.


And with your acceptance of each other’s Identity in Love, comes My peace.  You will know when you have wandered away from My Will when your peace is lost – for it is then that you truly are lost.  When this happens, let Me gently lead you back for there is no other road to follow but My Way of peace.

*     *    *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (216, 217, 218, 219, 220)