Do Not Be Fooled By The Illusion You Seem To Be Living

HS (Holy Spirit):  It may appear to you that one illusion in this world may be more preferable than another. But all things in this world are still illusions just the same.  Do not be fooled into thinking one will bring you happiness over another.  All illusions must eventually disappear in the world of time.


ME:  Yes, I know You’ve told me this before.  No matter what we do here; what great things we acquire, or the fortunes we amass, it must all be surrendered in the end.  We cannot take any of it with us when we leave.


HS:  Indeed. And yet, no one wants to hear this. Not even you, who hears this directly from Me.  No one wants to accept this because it would mean they must accept a different answer for their happiness than what they are looking for in the world.  Mine is the only Answer that will bring you lasting happiness beyond this world and into eternity.


ME:  Yet why are we so unwilling to accept Your answer?  If it were the one solution to all our problems, you would think we’d all just drop this place like a hot potato and come rushing to meet Your answer.


HS:  The problem in accepting My answer, is that it would mean all your illusions would end; and it is the end of your world that you fear.  This is because there are still some illusions you would prefer to keep in place of your total healing.


ME:  Okay, I actually understand that.  I mean, who doesn’t want to be rich or in a loving relationship with their ideal partner or have whatever it is they want to be comfortable and happy in this world? We don’t know what else to do with our time here but strive for the things we think will make us happy and comfortable.


HS:  And therein lies your problem: nothing in this world will ever make you feel happy and comfortable for more than a nanosecond in comparison to the eternal joy My answer can bring you. 


ME:  Well when You put it that way, our lifelong efforts seem hardly worth it.


HS:  Yet what I offer you can be achieved in a holy instant - not a lifetime of striving. 


ME:  The holy instant still mystifies me.  What exactly must we do to achieve it?


HS:  Nothing. Absolutely nothing that involves the world outside you.  In the holy instant, your mind becomes still enough to hear My Answer, and it is this:


You are each My holy Child, and there is nothing in this world good enough for you Who are Perfect - and none of it do you truly want.


In this One Answer is every problem the world offers you completely solved.


ME:  I’m not so sure we can just let go of everything in the world.  We still need money to buy food and care for our loved ones.  We still need jobs and all the things it takes to survive.  We don’t know how else to be comfortable and happy in this world.


HS:  In the holy instant, you can bring every problem to the One Answer and receive the answer that was made for you.  Not as the world gives, but as I give.  For this world only gives mistakes.


You need not pretend you do not want or need the things that surround you – only cease to hold them higher than what I am offering you.  I offer something more important than what the world offers.


ME:  So You’re saying we want the wrong things?  We’re all making one big mistake by being attracted to anything outside of us?


HS:  You do not want the wrong things; you want what is nothing at all.  In My Sight, this is not a big mistake, but a small one that can easily be corrected. So let this one small mistake be corrected in understanding the attraction of the world is the attraction to fear.  Fear, because anything in this world can be lost at any time because it is based upon time. And your time is wasted on it.


Fear is the only emotion the world can produce in you.


Always fear.


Fear about the body’s life, its welfare, whereabouts, and how to keep it as long as possible and free of suffering.  Out of fear of death and pain and suffering you struggle to maintain it.


Be relieved that in the end this is not your True Identity.


Your True Identity can only be found in your holy relationship with all My Creations Who reside alongside you here in the illusion.


The holy relationship is the correct vision of yourself in relationship with all others – your Total Union with them.


To see them as such is Christ Vision – Whose Vision sees you all as One.


And through My Answer – your Christ Vision – you will learn to see each other through a vision not of the body.  And neither is it fearful.


It is a sight re-born of one another in perfect safety and peace.


In a single holy instant of such Vision, all of Heaven will burst into your awareness and the “something else” you thought you were will disappear and be replaced My Joy.  


For Christ comes to what is like Himself, and so through your Perfect Vision of Union and peace will He return.


And earth will be transformed into Heaven.


Do not fear this gentle transition.  Do not fear to have all your illusions about yourself be replaced with the truth.


Separate yourself from the illusion and not the truth.


And in this holy instant will My forgiveness be made complete and all will be healed.


Peace will come to your mind and all will be still.

For you will know that I am with you.

You live and move in Me.

I am your life.

You have no life but this.

For I am your Father and I love you,

My holy Son.

And you will know that you love Me in return

For we are eternally giving and receiving 

Love to one another.

*    *     *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (221, 222, 223, 224, 225)