All Relationships Are Healed The Same Way

HS (Holy Spirit):  While you still believe in your identity as a body, all of your relationships with all people will remain unholy.


ME:  Unholy? That word sounds a bit over-the-top don’t You think?  I mean, I love a lot of people.  I know we’ve talked about unholy relationships before, but I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around why You say even my loving relationships are “unholy.”


HS:  An unholy relationship is based on differences.  Differences are only seen through the eyes of the body.  You see each other as bodies and look upon how you are each different from one another.  


My Holy Vision sees no such differences.  


Therefore, what you see with your bodily eyes is unholy.


ME:  Well we can’t seem to help it.  Fix us please.


HS:  All you must do is change what you believe yourself and others to be.  A holy relationship sees only your sameness in My Love and Light.


In a holy relationship, the belief in differences is undone.


It is through this simple change in belief that the sight of the body is transformed.  It is through this simple change in belief that True Vision is restored to you.


ME:  Okay then, let’s say I choose this new way of seeing.  What happens next?


HS:  Allow reason to hold your faith firm in this new belief – this new way of seeing all others as One with you in My Love and Light.


Reason states that if there are no differences between you – if you are each part of My One Love - then what you do to another, you also do to yourself and Self Love then becomes both automatic and natural for you.


It is this state of Love that you have forgotten and must choose to remember in each of your unholy relationships.


Because in truth, you all extend far beyond the body – toward each other and All That Is.  Your extension is endless.  It is in this golden circle of My Light you will recognize at last the Son of God Who walks beside you.


And Who will do so for all eternity.


And in this circle of Light, you will find your peace; where you could find it in no other place on earth – where you have wandered lost for so long.


This is your Home.  It awaits you.  I ask that you hasten there through healing your unholy relationships.  You will free yourself and everyone else when you decide to give up the illusion you are bodies.  Lay down your dreams of hate, and awaken to One Love.


ME:  You know, I have experienced what You’re talking about a few times – that feeling of Oneness with All That Is – but it never seems to last.  Yet as I continue to practice the mindset You teach, I notice that more and more I am having moments of supreme joy for no reason, rather than moments of sadness for no reason.  I love these moments.  When I have them, it seems I am awakening as You describe.  But then this world comes crashing back in.  How will I know when I have reached full awakening/enlightenment? 


HS:  You will know you have fully awakened when your emotions no longer fluctuate from joy to pain and back again.  Your mind will settle into the constant joy of knowing Who You Are – at One with All That Is.  The joy this state of being entails is unshakable by any worldly circumstance or outcome.  And once achieved – you stand on the lawns before the gate of Heaven.  Your deliverance will be near at hand.


Those who admit they do not know what this state is, or how to sustain it, are closer to enlightenment than those who claim they are on the cusp of being lifted up and away from this world as we speak.


ME:  I’ve heard it said that the first step in recovery from your problem is first admitting you have a problem – and that you don’t know how to solve it.


HS:  Yes, with each breath you must still your mind and let go of all your preconceived notions about what it is you must do in order to attain enlightenment.  


And in each moment of stillness, you are presented with another holy instant you could use to release or condemn one another.


Know that no one stands condemned in My Holy Vision.  Would you stand against Me in this judgment?  Accept My Word alone as answer enough for reasons why you should be kind to one another.  


My judgment is this: Love, which created you, is what you are. 


Therefore, seek to see only this in each person you meet or think of and you will find the peace of God and both of you will be released.


This peace is what you were created in and it is in this peace that you remain.


Simply ask to remember Who You Truly Are and you join My Will for you.


My Will is your peace with one another and it is through choosing My peace that all your relationships are healed – all your relationships are healed in the same way.


And there is nothing that can stand against what God Wills for you.

*     *    *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Conversation with the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (226, 227, 228, 229, 230)