Dream I. The Island Dream: There IS A Way Off This Island!

What I am about to share with you in this Miracle Minded Message is a dream.  


This is no ordinary dream.


It is one that carries a powerful message from the Holy Spirit, Who delivered it to me during my sleep in elaborate detail, which I was able to remember with amazing clarity upon waking. 


Every detail seemed burned into my memory as though it were a real experience.


For all I know, it was.  


Yet I also know it is filled with metaphors depicting our very real experience here, and how we are all currently on our path journeying inward Home to God.


This was the first of 13 highly vivid, strangely realistic and deeply spiritual metaphorical dreams I began to have while studying the final section of lessons from A Course In Miracles back in 2014.


This was only my second time studying the lessons, and I believe these dreams were given to help deepen and clarify the messages of each of the 14 final sections of Workbook Lessons.


Beginning with lesson 221 and on until the end of the 365 lessons, I received a realistic dream every 10th night like clockwork.  


And here I will share the message of the first one with you. 


I call it, “The Island Dream.”




            I dreamt I was on a beautiful island, along with my husband Paul and a large number of other people.  In fact, the beach was quite crowded and as I looked around, I was surprised to see that it contained every human being currently living on our planet.  

            The beach was large, the sun was bright, and the water was warm.  

            All in all, it seemed a pleasant place to be.    

            Yet, despite how comfortable everything appeared, I had a subtle nagging feeling of being dissatisfied.  

            Actually, I was quite sick and tired of the place.  

            I realized that I didn't really want to be there anymore.  We'd been coming to this beach for so long, that I found myself no longer enjoying it much, despite its seeming appeal.  

            The whole place had begun to feel meaningless to me.  

            I then began to wonder if I had any other options besides the beach.  

            Did I have to spend my time here?  Did I have another choice?  

            As I looked around, I realized for the first time that despite all our visits, we'd never explored the interior of the island.  

            That sounded like such a refreshing change!  

            I wanted to see something other than the same old beach.  So, I decided to find the Tour Guide to take me within the island.  

            I found Him right away.  In fact, He was standing right behind me as I turned around.  

            He seemed friendly and approachable, and I liked Him instantly.  I told Him how I was feeling and asked Him if he would give me a tour to explore the interior of the island.  

            To my delight, He was more than willing to help me.  

            "Why yes!"  He replied, with such joy and gratitude that it surprised me.  "I would love to give you a tour of the interior of the island! Almost no one ever asks to leave the beach to go within.  In fact, most people are so enamored with the exterior of the island, that they don't ever turn inward to notice the rest of it at all!"  

            I had the feeling no one even knew they had another choice, just as I myself had not known.  

            I was relieved it was so easy to arrange for a tour and that the island Tour Guide turned out to be so exceedingly pleasant.  

            Everyone on the island seemed to have the impression that He was strict and should be feared.  But instead, I found His presence to be almost overpoweringly loving, and He commanded my attention in such a gentle way, that I wanted to do whatever He asked. 

            I couldn't help but love Him.  

            I then found myself seated across from the Tour Guide at a restaurant near the edge of the beach.  This appeared to be as far as most people were willing to go while visiting.  

            There were a bunch of papers in front of me to go over and sign, but before we began our plans, I had just one concern.  

            I wanted to be clear on what would be required from me in exchange for being given a tour.  

            What was the price I had to pay?

            "So how much extra does this tour cost?"  I asked the Guide.

            "Oh my dear, that's the beautiful part!"  He replied.  "It costs you absolutely nothing!  It is completely free with your trip here.  But, like I said, most people just want to go outside to the beach.  They have no interest in going within the island, so we don't waste our time advertising it much.  We just wait for individuals who are willing to go, and then take them further inward only per their individual request.  And it's very rare to get a request."

            "Oh!"  I replied excitedly.  "I will get the tour at no extra cost?!"  

            This was sounding better and better.  I suddenly wanted to bring everyone on the beach!  

            As I considered this further, I became vaguely aware that there were some people on the beach that I didn't especially like.  Even so, I felt deeply compelled to overlook these feelings.  It felt wrong to leave anyone behind, and I was sure that the tour itself would bring us all together in the end.  

            "Am I allowed to bring other people on the tour with me?"  I asked.  "I'd like to bring everyone on the beach, but I haven't told anyone about this yet.  I really want to share this experience with all of them, because I know they'd just love it.  But I'm not so sure You can accommodate everyone.  I'm sorry to say this, but we never see any of Your Staff around, and most people think You're rather mean and neglectful.  In fact, I think everyone feels kind of “left on their own” if you know what I mean.  This neglect from you makes us feel sad and lonely most of the time.  I believe if everyone understood their choice, they'd all like to leave."

            The Tour Guide just sat back, unperturbed by my criticisms, and smiled broadly.  Despite all I had just said, He still seemed pleased with me for some reason.  

            "I am happy to hear you would like to bring everyone on the beach without exception.  I assure you that we can accommodate any number of people," was His reply to my query.  "I actually have many Helpers that work behind the scenes no one ever sees, who will be assisting Me with the tour.  You may bring an unlimited number of people along."

            "Unlimited?  Perfect!"  I replied. "I’d like to take them all.  So, what time can we schedule the tour?"

            "The tour will be at 1:00 p.m. today," the Guide told me.

            I looked at my watch.  It was nearly 1:00 p.m. now.  

            Anxious about this I said, "I won't have enough time to tell everyone about the tour before it begins!  I at least need enough time to make them aware they have a choice."

            He smiled reassuringly at me saying, "If you don't feel ready just yet, you can stay for one more day.  We could do it tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. instead.  That should be plenty of time for you to go tell everyone."

            "Ok, that sounds good," I replied.  "It's all set then.  Tomorrow will be my last day here, and I will convince as many people as possible to go with me."

            Then I signed the papers in front of me, finalizing the agreement for everyone to take the 1:00 p.m. tour the next day.  

            Somehow, I felt I could speak for all of us.  

            "There is just one more thing," the Guide said.  "You should probably spend the rest of today with my two Assistants and go within the island alone with them first.  Then you can come back fully able to tell all your friends and family how wonderful the interior of the island truly is. They will be all the more convinced to leave the beach and go with you, if you can give them an accurate first hand account."  

            I thought that sounded like a great idea, knowing many people would be hesitant to leave the beach if I couldn’t give them an accurate description of the wonders of the interior of the island.  

            I would need to be very convincing.  

            Yet, I was sure once they understood how wonderful it was, they would willingly leave.  

            At that moment, two beautiful, friendly smiling ladies appeared at the door, (the Tour Guide's Assistants) and I got into an open topped, white jeep with them.  We drove a long way, and all the while they told me about the wonders and beauty of what lay further within the island.  

            I looked around me as we passed pristine grassy meadows, beautiful forests, and breathtaking mountains.  As we neared the center, things just kept getting better and better.  I assumed I was already seeing beautiful wonders! Yet, they promised me that while the path that leads within the island gets easier and happier as you get closer, it paled in comparison to what awaited us once we reached our innermost destination.  

            At last, we arrived at the opening of a large cave.  

            We had traveled to the very center of the island.

            "This is as far as we will bring you for now," the ladies told me. "The wonders and amazing things that lie deep within here are unexplainable, until you experience them for yourself.  There are no words that exist to describe what lies within.  However, once you go in there, you can never return to the beach. So we won't take you further until you tell us you're ready.  We know you want to bring the others, and we don't want you to go without them.  We just wanted to show you where this place was so you could lead them all here."

            I felt a small pang of anxiety at this.  

            I could never return to the beach?  

            It wasn't so bad there, but I was also very excited to explore the wonders inside the cave too.  

            I felt torn between my two choices.  

            The ladies sensed my anxiety, and laughingly reassured me that although the cave path went in deep, it was gentle, and full of warmth, joy, love and light.  

            They tried to explain to me that my silly fears were unfounded.  The beauty and wonders I'd find within would far eclipse anything I'd ever known on the beach.  All my needs would be met, and I would be forever happy, loved, and at peace. Everything within the cave was perfect. It was an incredibly easy and joyous existence going up this path.  They explained to me that once you begin the journey within, no one ever wants to go back down to the beach.  Your only desire is to just keep going further inward.  

            In fact, the cave eventually takes a person all the way Home.


            I felt like I'd been away from Home for a very long time... I tried to remember for a moment what my Home was like, and I realized I'd been away so long, I couldn't recall a thing before I arrived at the beach!  My memory of Home and the Way to return to It had been entirely forgotten!  

            How was I getting off the beach?  

            I'd always just assumed I'd leave the beach by plane or boat – by traveling outward and away from it.  I never considered there was a way inward to leave it.  

            This amnesia about my real Home distressed me, and suddenly, making the right choice to get there was all I wanted.  

            I decided I'd like to take the shortest, simplest route possible, and the cave path seemed to be it.  I felt there would be a long delay in getting Home if I continued to wait for a plane or boat.  I also sensed that that way might take me further away from Home instead of towards it.   

            This decision instantly gave me peace and completely alleviated my anxieties. I'd committed to the decision to go Home.  But first, I agreed to go back to the beach one last time, and return with as many people as would listen.  I couldn't wait to tell them about this new choice!  I hoped they'd all come!

            I then found myself back on the beach.  It was nightfall now, at the end of the same day.  

            Everyone was tired, and nobody seemed happy.  All the people were lounging around in a dejected sort of way. I was sitting between my husband and my friend Tiffany and her husband.  She was explaining to me that her daughter was sick, her job was stressful, and a number of other things were going wrong.  

            I excitedly told her I'd arranged for an amazing tour of the interior of the island for us all the next day, after which, everything would be fixed. The Tour Guide had promised!  All we had to do was be willing to go.  

            She seemed to doubt my words.  Her problems appeared un-fixable to her, yet she agreed to go anyway.  

            After all, what did she have to loose?  

            My husband Paul overheard us talking, and enthusiastically agreed to go with me without hesitation.  He was happy to leave the beach and thought my arrangements with the Tour Guide were a good idea.  He said he knew Him too and that they were good friends.  We could trust Him and all that He promised.  My husband looked forward to the next day with as much excitement as myself.  

            Paul's support only deepened my own efforts and convictions about going and soon I could see many others who overheard us talking, slowly agreeing to leave the beach with us.

            Most agreed only half-heartedly and seemed unsure.  Yet overall, their attitudes were that there was nothing better to do, and they had nothing to loose.  

            There had to be another way off this island!

            I reassured them all as best I could that I'd seen first hand what the interior of the island held in store for us and it'd be completely worth giving up the beach.  

            At this point, I had no doubt that all of them would eventually make the choice to follow the Tour Guide by morning.  

            After all, it was completely risk free!  No sacrifice was being asked of us except to give up an unhappy existence.  

            How could this choice be difficult?  


            That was where the dream ended, and I woke up. 


Father, we want only to remember You.

What else is there for us to seek  

But You Who are deep within us?

Help us to leave our island of hopelessness.

Be in our minds, Father, 

Our Guide and Loving Friend

As we travel through the interior of this island

On our path Home to You.

We give our lives to You to guide

For we do not know the way.

We want to remember Who We Are.

We are Your lost Children

Who love you.

And in Your kind and gracious mercy

It is Your Will that we be saved 

From this island of our lonely existence,

Seemingly apart and far away from You.

It is a place filled with impermanent sandcastles 

We cannot live in

Surrounded by an ocean of salty water

We cannot drink.

Lead us inward to our Home

And Your everlasting peace

So that we may know Your Love once again.


*     *    *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as a daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has compiled an inspiring collection of healing messages from the Holy Spirit in the form of 52 reminder cards titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (231, 232, 233, 234, 235)