What Happens To You If You Decide NOT To Participate?

HS (Holy Spirit):  What do you think would happen to you, if you decided NOT to participate in the illusion of this world?


ME:  You mean – in life in general?


HS:  Yes.


ME:  As in no longer going to work, paying my bills or taking care of anyone?  Just lie in bed all day and do nothing?


HS:  No, I am not referring to ceasing your physical participation, but rather your mental participation - as in not emotionally responding to what you experience.  What if you just stepped out of the emotional arena of life, and simply observed it instead?  What do you suppose would happen to you?


ME:  I don’t know… It’s very difficult not to respond emotionally to life.  Sounds like I’d have to “check out” on drugs or something.


HS:  You would not be “checking out” but rather “checking in” for a change.  I am talking about stepping back from reactivity and into a passive state of observation.  


ME:  Okay. So what’s the answer?  What would happen to me if I stepped back into the observer position and ceased to participate emotionally in this illusion?


HS:  The answer is:  You would rest in peace, serene and undisturbed.


ME:  Oh really.


HS:  Yes. Really.  Let us try it on an example of something currently bothering you.


ME:  Okay. How about the people who drive me crazy at work?


HS:  Sounds good. And there are more examples we can use of people who “drive you crazy.”  We can also add people on social media, and the people driving around you in traffic; even your bodily pain – such as the one in your right foot – and any other minor or major emotional upset you can think of.  Let’s just deal with them all at once, shall we?


ME:  Yes! Let’s do that.  I can’t wait.  Erase it all from my life.


HS:  I will not be doing this for you; you will be freeing yourself through your decision not to participate in any of it.  


ME:  Sure. Whatever.  Just make it all go away.


HS:  Are you ready?




HS:  For a holy instant, all I want you to do is stop all your thoughts about the world. Observe how it feels to NOT respond to any of it - even your physical pain.  Just observe the feelings you have, and now imagine what it would feel like to NOT participate in any of it as though it were real.  


What has happened to you now - in this present moment?


ME:  I feel… WOW. What?!  Just like that?!  How did You do that?  The pain is… gone. Even the pain in my foot!  Just now.  Gone!  It’s all just… disappeared!


HS:  And now you see how it is to rest in My peace, serene and undisturbed.  


ME:  Yes! But if I begin to think about all those things again, the negative feelings and pain all comes back.  


HS:  Then continue to ask yourself, “What would happen if I did NOT participate in this?” And you will instantly release yourself emotionally from the situation at hand.  


No one is making you feel anything you don’t want to.  


You are in total control.  


No one is forcing you to participate.


ME:  This works like… like some kind of miracle!  


HS:  Indeed it IS a miracle every time you choose peace instead of pain.


ME:  As real as pain in this world seems, I see why it’s called a miracle.


HS:  And what do you think will happen to you if you DO decide to respond the world?


The answer is:  You will still rest in My peace, serene and undisturbed. 


But with one exception.


You will have spent your time and energy on an illusion.


And most situations here are simply circular, fruitless debates the ego wants you wrapped up in so as to distract you from your peace.


So you must carefully weigh what you give your thoughts and energy to.  


In truth, you have nothing to prove to anyone, and nothing against which to defend yourself.


I know Who You Are, and you are each here to remember your Union with Me.


There is no need to waste time in senseless debates or arguments about anything.  


Your time should be devoted to learning My Peace and sharing what you are learning by bringing this peace to others - through treating everyone with Perfect Love and kindness.


Place your time and energy only where there is Love.


If you receive a question or a comment from others and it comes from a place of love, kindness, and peace - then you will be drawn to connect with them as I guide you.


ME:  Okay. That helps a lot.  Thank you.  I will try to live my life from the observer perspective and remind myself what it’s like not to participate:  I will rest in peace, serene and undisturbed.  And this will allow me to treat everyone with Your Perfect Love and kindness.


HS:  Yes. You rule your mind, which you alone must rule.  I do not control your thoughts, but I would have you choose to be as I created you: Eternally at peace, filled with love, joy and happiness – serene and undisturbed.  


Your salvation from suffering depends upon this one decision.


My glory is yours for the taking.  Do not be fooled because it seems to hide behind what the illusion of this world shows you.  


My Light shines in each of you and it is this truth I would only have you experience. 


Fear is unjustified for you are deceived by one another.  Because of this, do not respond to the world, for not one thing in it is true.  It does not matter what form it takes, or what has been done to you – it is not you.


Do not participate in the world of suffering, and your world of suffering will disappear – for you will have seen its falsity and set it free. 

*     *     *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  236, 237, 238, 239, 240)