Dream II. There Is A Serpent And A Goddess Inside Each Of Us

There is a serpent and a goddess inside each of us.  


In the dream I share below the ego and the Voice of the Holy Spirit within us is represented by a beautiful metaphor for our very real dilemma:  Which voice within us are we going to listen to?  The serpent man or the goddess woman?  The ego or the Holy Spirit?  Do we have the small willingness it takes to let go of the painful world we made out of listening to our ego?  


We must each make this decision:  To allow the Love and Light that resides within us to take over and bring about our total healing and transformation – or not.


This is the second in a series of 13 highly vivid dreams that came every 10th night during my initial studies of the 365 lessons from A Course In Miracles about 5 years ago. 


Each dream was too spiritually symbolic and strangely unforgettable to ignore as a normal occurrence.


Deeming it important and something I should share – because I feel it is not just for me, but for everyone - I present to you this Miracle Minded Message as I received it in a dream, and I call it:

The Serpent Man And The Goddess Woman Dream

            I dreamt that I was standing inside some sort of cloud illuminated by nothing but a soft, yet radiant white light.  At the center of this "cloud" there was a large hole in the "floor" that showed the earth, far below.  

            I stood above this hole, and noticed that I was not alone.  

            I saw that to my left, there stood a frightening looking man.  He was tall, wearing a long black cloak and he had the face and head of a white serpent. 

            To my right, stood a beautiful woman with light brown skin, long wavy dark hair, and was wearing a simple pale blue gown with a thin gold belt encircling her waist.  

            She looked like a Greek goddess to me.  

            I myself was wearing the same style of dress, but in white. 

            I did not know their names, but simply referred to them as the "serpent man" and the "goddess woman.”  

            I felt that all three of us were very powerful, yet I was the one who held the power of decision for us.  

            Together, we looked down through the portal at the earth. 

            The goddess woman then turned to me and serenely asked, "May I now go down to earth and finish our business?"

            It was the first request like this she had ever made of me.  

            "Yes," I replied.  "You have my permission to go down to earth and finish our business."

            It seemed that she would be the final one to go down to earth to perform her one and only task.  

            The serpent man instantly became enraged at this.  

            "This isn't fair!" he angrily shouted at me. "Why should she be allowed to do this?  She's done nothing to help me build what is down there and yet you are going to allow her to swoop in right at the last second, and steal all the glory?  Why should she be allowed to participate at the very end, when all she's done this whole time is silently watch, while I've done all the work?  Now you're going to allow her to undo all that I've made?  She should not be allowed to ruin my entire empire, much less be praised for doing it!  What's down there is mine and I don't want her to touch it!"  

            I walked over to him, unafraid of his rage.  

            My only concern was that his anger would continue to escalate and he would suffer unnecessarily.  I didn't want him to attempt to attack the goddess woman or myself either.  I wanted him to be at peace.  

            What he didn't know was that despite his evil appearance, I did in fact love him.              Not a romantic love, but a love that was filled with both deep sympathy and empathy – the type of love one would have for a child not getting his way; but for his own good, or the love for a friend you must walk away from, because you can no longer be the enabler of their negative choices.

            I understood that he could not feel my compassion for his pain and he was full of fear.  I also saw that he felt he was ugly and dark inside, but I knew this wasn't the truth about him.  I desperately wanted him to know that despite how he looked, I truly loved him for the beauty and light he held within and that I knew it would one day shine again – but not unless the goddess woman was allowed to do her work.  

            With the intent of conveying my compassion towards him, I wrapped my arms around him in a loving embrace and whispered, "Everything will be okay.  She has just as much a right to go down to earth as you do and it doesn't matter whether it is at the very end or not.  This is the only part she desires to play and she should be allowed to do so - you have had the same opportunity to play your own part.  It is my choice to allow it and neither of you can deny my choice. Despite the fact that things didn't turn out so well on earth for you, I don't hold you accountable for any of it. You are guilty of nothing.  You simply didn't know how to go about things the right way.  She only goes down to bring all your errors back into correction.  What you made wasn't wrong - just misguided."

            I continued to sense strong resistance in the serpent man. He still couldn't feel my love and remained unyielding, angry, and afraid.  

            I wanted to heal his suffering and sense of loss over what the goddess woman was about to do.  

            So I gently laid him on his back and gave him a giant, full-body hug.  

            This was my attempt to fully encapsulate him in my love. 

            It was then that I felt his anger begin to subside.  

            I wasn't holding him down by force - I was fully aware he could easily get away from me at any time - yet there he laid, silent and tense, but slowly submitting to my love.                

            As his anger continued to lessen, I remained perfectly still and at peace.  Acceptance of my love would be the only way we would get through this without him suffering any sense of loss.

            Finally, when I felt his resistance disappear, I asked him, "Will you be okay with my decision now?  May I allow the goddess woman to go down to earth and finish what we started?"  

            "But all my work will be destroyed!"  He protested in a weak voice.  

            Then in a barely audible whisper he added, "And I am deeply afraid that once the earth is undone, that I will be undone with it. I am afraid that I will die."

            This was understandable, but not true at all.

            "I can assure you - you will not die, but only be transformed.”  I replied as reassuringly as I could.  “The world will not end, but only be transformed into something new and wonderful. This is all that will happen once the goddess woman is done with it.  She knows what she is doing and we can trust her.  All your ugliness and darkness will disappear, as well as the darkness upon the earth as you both undergo a transfiguration.  Both will go back to being beautiful Creations of Light. It is this Light within you that I love so much.  You and the earth will be saved, not destroyed."  

            With that, I repeated my question to him once again, "May I now give her permission to go down to earth and finish our business?

            Cheeks touching, I felt his head almost imperceptibly nod "yes" next to mine.

            That was all the small willingness I needed.

            I raised my head and looked up at the goddess woman. I indicated to her with my own silent nod that she now had my permission to go down to earth and finish what we started.

            Curious and not knowing exactly what she was about to do, I leaned over the edge of the hole and watched as she floated down through the clouds toward the earth.  

            Once there, to my surprise and delight, I saw her completely envelop the world in the same radiant light we enjoyed up in the cloud.

            The earth was instantly transformed into Heaven.

            I felt unspeakable joy that this was done at last.

            And then I abruptly awakened from the dream.


It seems, that in this dream I literally had to “tackle” my ego into submission of my choice for Love and Light.  The reason it is so hard to release the hold our ego has on us, is because the world we currently see pulls us strongly into its dramas, pain and suffering - and so it is difficult for us to see it is all a false perception based on the false world our ego has built to cover the Truth about us.


We are none of what we see. We are radiant with a holy Light - and we are Children Created by an All Loving Creator.  


So how do we see past what is false about us and release our inner goddess woman – the Holy Spirit – to do His Work and heal the world we see?


It can happen in a holy instant.  It happens in the instant we decide to release this darkened world and the countless millions who suffer from their belief in it by simply changing our minds about what each day is for.  The purpose of each day is to give it gladly to God, as our gift to Him to heal and transform.


We do this by not judging anything we see or that may occur – for we do not know what it is in Truth. We cannot see the Light beyond the form as yet, and so we are unfit to judge the darkness.


There is only Light. You are in danger nowhere in the world because it is upheld by nothing.  In Truth, in the real world, you rest in God safe a secure, but dream you are surrounded by nightmares and have only to awaken to be released.


Be released then, for God’s peace is with you now.  You are safe and you shed your Light on everyone you meet.  You bring it with you to this desolate place to heal all whom God has sent you – especially the ones who appear most like your “enemies.”  


Embrace them with love and empathy as I embraced the serpent man.


And so it is you give as you have received and the Holy Spirit will take His rightful place within your mind and all will be healed and whole and your world will be transformed into Heaven – as it is in Truth.


*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons: (241, 242, 243, 244, 245)