We Have Been Doing This To Ourselves All Along

HS (Holy Spirit):  What if I told you, you’re doing this all to yourself?  That everything that seems to happen to you, is just an elaborate effort to feel separate from your Self?


ME:  Um. Say again?


HS:  Always, whenever you think you do not like what’s being done to you, I promise, you have done so to someone else in the past – all in an effort to create space between yourself and the other person.  It is everyone’s way of seeing all people as “someone else” who is not a part of your One Self.  


ME:  Okay, so You’re saying that everything I don’t like about what others have done to me is all part of my elaborate plan to see them separate from myself?  And everything I experience at the hands of others, I’ve done to them in the past, in an effort to prove they’re not a part of me? 


HS:  Yes. Everything.  Perhaps not in the current body you believe you are in now, and perhaps at a different time and under different circumstances in another “life”  - but always what is done to you, you have also done to another at some point in time.


ME:  So is this what a lot of people call “karma?”  Also described as “what goes around comes around?”


HS:  In essence, yes.  


ME:  Hm.  It seems like this cycle would be endless as our egos seek to find “revenge” against one another from lifetime to lifetime – perpetually paying back what’s been done to us previously.  How do we break the cycle?


HS:  Forgiveness, Love and kindness.  Do you now see that there is no greater reason to be kind to one another than this? You have been in this cycle for ages – it is time to step out of it.


ME:  Oh. Well in that case, I renounce the cycle. I pledge forgiveness, love and kindness to everyone, past, present, and future.  I don’t want any part of this anymore.


HS:  It is not enough that you simply say the words.  All must be forgiven to the point you no longer feel any discomfort what so ever towards anyone you meet or think of.


ME:  Well that sounds near impossible.


HS:  Yet, you must understand, that person you loathe and despise is but a reflection of your own self in need of healing.  As I said, you are doing this all to yourself.  


ME:  I seem to be an evil dictator then.  I don’t think I’m anywhere near that level of forgiveness.  People disturb me all the time.


HS:  When all your relationships rest in peace, you will know that your Grand Awakening is not far off.  This is one way you will know where you are on your spiritual path – as you approach awakening, the level of drama in your relationships greatly diminishes.  This is because you have given up the desire to attack any part of your One Self.  No matter what form and in whom it presents Itself.  


ME:  I would love to give up all desire to attack the parts of my One Self!  If only they didn’t appear to NOT be a part of my One Self.


HS:  What you must learn and understand before you can forgive yourself for seeing all people as separate from you is this: you must recognize you are deluded into blaming them for your problems - it much easier to distribute blame outside yourself, rather than seeing your problems as stemming from within your own mind.


ME:  I can accept that for the most part, but some things are quiet obviously someone else’s problem – like abuse.  Are abuse victims supposed to blame themselves for that?


HS:  I am not asking you to blame yourselves for anything.  All I’m asking you to do is disengage emotionally from the drama of it.  This is the essence of true forgiveness.  True forgiveness is to step out of the dream and into waking.  Nothing at all has happened to you in this dream. 


ME:  So we are only responsible for our experiences in so far as we treat them as “real” in our minds – here within the dream?


HS:  Correct. And when you are able to disengage, you are ready for the next step: Accepting God’s Judgment in place of your own when it comes to your “enemies.”


And by His Judgment are all effects are removed.


ME:  I would love for all effects to be removed.  Please explain how this will happen?


HS:  Again, the secret to salvation is only this: That you realize you are doing all of this to yourself.  Whoever appears to be your enemy or “attacker” – it is simply a part of your Self clothed in a separate body so you can deny your One Self.  It is the means you collectively use to establish your separateness.


ME:  Okay. I suppose I can understand that intellectually, but it’s still difficult to accept in reality.


HS:  You would not react at all to anyone in a dream if you knew you were dreaming.  Let all the figures in your dream be as hateful, mean and vicious as they want to be.  They cannot have any effect on you unless you failed to realize you were dreaming.


This single lesson learned will set you free of all pain and suffering for good – no matter what form the figures in your life may take.


You end the cycle of pain and suffering once you refuse to play along with the dream.  


But until you do, this lesson will be presented to you again and again, in as many forms as it takes until you understand at last – you are doing this all to yourself in an effort to escape awareness of your Self.


ME:  I’m still not sure I can live like that.


HS:  Bring all your forms of suffering to Me then, for I know that everyone is part of you – and how easily the separation between you is undone in but a single lesson truly learned.


When you forgive the world for all it’s never done to you – when you forgive yourself for seeing all things as separate from you and capable of harming you – you will be free of it.  


The final stage of this lesson then is this: Accept My judgment of you. And My judgment of you is that you are all equally innocent, for what harm has really come to you in a dream?


This is the secret of the ages – you cannot be both guilty of wrongdoing and be innocent.  You can only be one or the other, but never both for one cancels the other.  


Learn then of your collective innocence and it will be no secret that you are healed. 


And your innocence must be collective, for what is One cannot have a part that is not like Itself. 


I have judged you innocent and Mine is the Last Judgment which cannot be overruled.


To love one another is to love God.

But you cannot see Him within one another

And Love Him while you are blind.

And without forgiveness you will remain blind.

Know that whatever suffers is not a part of you

For your One Self is innocent 

And free of all suffering in any form.

All suffering and pain is ended 

Through forgiveness of what 

Was never more than a dream.

Do not see yourselves as limited.  

The holy light within each of you shines still

Though you cannot see it with your bodily eyes.

Cease all attack on each other’s Divinity

And behold your gentleness 

Instead of such illusions

That your holy sight may be restored to you

And at last identify only with the Truth in you.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  246, 247, 248, 249, 250)