How Do We Know This World Is An Illusion?

HS (Holy Spirit):  Most of you believe this world is your true reality, and you also believe everything in it is real.  But I tell you; it is all a grand illusion.  And if you lived as though you really believed it was an illusion, the illusion you now experience would shift into a glorious state of Divine Grace. You would experience Reality as it is in Truth – unaltered by your ego’s wishes and desires - existing in the state of Heaven as I created it before time ever was.


ME:  That sounds wonderful.  But I’m at a loss as to how to live in this world and simultaneously believe it’s not real. Without appearing crazy anyway.


HS:  This is not a shift that will be visible to anyone outside of you, so there is no worry of being seen as “crazy.”  This is purely an inner shift in thinking.  To make this inner shift, you must understand what is real and what is not.


ME:  Okay. Well I know You’ve told me before that the only things that are real are those things that exist for all eternity. Anything that degrades in the world of time is not real.  Which pretty much eliminates everything outside of us here in this world.


HS:  Correct. None of what exists outside of your body, including the body, is real because it cannot be taken with you into the realm of eternity and will one day cease to be in the world of time.


ME:  But what if we didn’t believe You?  I’m not sure that’s sound evidence against the reality of something.  I mean, just because it eventually erodes and degrades with time doesn’t necessarily make it “un-real” does it?


HS:  The only reason you can change form – from one body to another, in lifetime after seeming lifetime – is because it is not real.  Reality, or Truth cannot be changed, because it IS the Truth.  Reason will tell you that if a form is not real, it must be an illusion – a false identity – and is not really you.  When something is true, it remains true and never shifts into something else.  


ME:  That makes perfect sense when You put it that way.


HS:  Your True Identity is still true, but because you wanted to be something “other” than Who You Are in Truth, you had to forget your Real Identity as Unified Divine Love or you would never be fooled into believing in your false identity as a body.


ME:  I see.


HS:  And now it is time for you all to stop this foolishness.  Those reading this now can feel it.  You want out.  You want to end the game of illusions.  You are each looking for something.  You feel a yearning and you try to fill it with every imaginable addiction, distraction or material need.  Yet deep inside, you know you are more than what you see - and you are absolutely correct.  You are searching for you True Identity in Union with Divine Love.


ME:  Yes! We want out!  But we don’t seem to know how to get off this crazy ride.


HS:  Simply use your common sense.  Reason will show you the way out.  This is the beginning of True Vision and Awakening to your True Self.  


Once reason sets into your mind, the ego and your Self go their separate ways.


The ego is depending on you NOT understanding reason.


But once understood, you cannot go back, and you will never see the world the same way again.  And what you thought was uncorrectable, has now become easy to undo.  


You become a miracle worker.


For reason tells you from your own experiences that everything outside yourself is changeable and therefore free to be undone.  And because it IS so changeable it is therefore also not real.


ME:  Okay, got it. But how do we bring about these changes to the changeable world?


HS:  Nothing stays the same in your outer life – something you each experience every single day. You know this to be fact.  Is it such a stretch then, to believe that because of this changeability that none of it is your Real Life?


Once believed, this will first bring a measure of fear to your mind as you let this idea seep in and take root.  Your ego will think it is losing something and it will feel uncomfortable – perhaps as unexplained anxiety or depression.


In fact, men have died upon finding out the world is nothing and that all their striving had been for naught. They had nothing with which to replace what they once thought was real, and they literally died of despair.  


They knew not where else to search if happiness could not be found in an illusion.  They did not know there was another choice in realities.


I will not let this happen to any of you.  I am here to tell you about the alternate choice you have – the choice for a New Reality.


ME:  Okay, good. Nobody here wants to die of despair. Good grief!


HS:  Your only purpose is to see past the error, or illusion of all physical things.  You can look past all that is not eternal, by forgiving yourself for seeing this world to begin with.


ME:  Okay...


HS:  If there is a road that attracts you in this world, and you think it will bring you peace and happiness, then let Me assure you – you have already tried it.  Over the eons you have tried them all in fact.  


None of the choices in this world are real choices at all.  They are each simply a choice between one illusion of happiness and another.  


Why would you seek to try another road, another person or another place, knowing the outcome will always be the same?  All things in this illusion will one-day end.  Some end quite suddenly, while others end slowly over time, but end they must.  


To continue to choose another path within the world is but to resist your only real alternative.  


You did not come here to suffer a miserable life and then die.


You came to make the final choice for Everlasting Life.


Reason holds that walking down a road that leads away from this will not advance you on your path.


There IS a choice in paths, and you have the power and freedom to make it.  


Forgive yourself the choice for madness and all the senseless journeys you have never really made here.


For these have all been illusions – in truth, you have never left the Home I Created for you – but only imagined that you have.


There IS no path that does not lead you Home, but you can delay walking down it.


Here then is the only real sin, the only error you can make and it is entirely correctable and completely forgivable.


In fact, you must forgive it and join Me in My forgiveness of it also.


Let all your illusions be undone simply by releasing your firm belief in them.  Forgive yourself your dreaming.


You are in need of nothing but the Truth.

You are My Creation

The holy Child of God is your Identity.

Your One Self is ruler of the universe

And you can come Home anytime you want.

So let every voice the world calls to you with

Be still.

And listen only to the Call of God.

Who’s Voice alone you would hear.

Let no thought tempt you to believe 

In suffering here a moment longer.

Let all your thoughts be still.

And choose this day to spend in perfect peace

Surrendered to the Truth within you.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has channeled an inspiring deck of healing messages from the Holy Spirit titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  251, 252, 253, 254, 255)