We Are Afraid Of Healing

HS (Holy Spirit):  What if I told you, you were afraid of healing?


ME:  I would say You’re crazy.  Why would anyone be afraid of healing?  But I’m guessing You’re probably going to explain to me how this is true, so let’s just get on with it.  Why are we afraid of healing?


HS:  Because it would mean you would have to give up all accusations and judgment of others, and it would mean you would have to accept that all people are equally innocent. The ego demands that someone must pay for the sins of the world, and it does not readily give up its throne.


ME:  So I’m afraid of healing why…?


HS:  Your ego is afraid that if you give up your judgments, you might “lose” and someone else might “win.”  You are afraid to let anyone “off the hook” so to speak.  When in truth, there are no winners or losers.  There is only freedom from both categories when you give up your judgments.


ME:  Well I guess I’d like freedom from both categories above all else.  How do I get over my judgments?  


HS:  Healing comes when you no longer see yourself as separated from your fellow human beings. With this view comes the understanding that to “win” or “lose” applies to your One Self equally.  This includes your self - no matter which side of the fence you seem to be standing on.  


Healing comes when you are no longer affected by the results of anything done while thinking you were in this separated state.  You no longer judge the situation as “good” or “bad.” It simple just IS.  And in this state your ego becomes very non-reactive to all situations that would have ignited it in the past.  The ego diminishes and My peace takes its place instead.  And with My peace, comes deep healing and rapid forward spiritual advancement.


ME:  Sooooo let me get this straight.  I am healed once I realize I am One with everyone, and no matter what they did or will do to me, I will be unaffected because I understand it is just “me” doing it to “me?”  


HS:  Correct. You will understand the gimmick this world uses to keep you in conflict with your Self, through judging and seeing conflict with people who appear separate from you.  When in truth you are One, but are only dreaming you are in this separated state.  


And what you do to yourself while dreaming, has no eternal consequences.  


ME:  I’m sure there are people out there who want justice for wrongdoing against them though. They’re banking on You punishing them for abuse and other painful experiences.  


HS:  Do you really need further suffering?  And who would I punish when you are all One?  To punish one would be to punish you ALL.  Therefore, I will punish no one.  I only give the miracle of release from all punishment.  


And a miracle is a healing that does not testify to what was done wrong and is subsequently “forgiven.”


It testifies that there was no wrong to begin with.


ME:  So what happens to bad people then?  There are no consequences what so ever?


HS:  The so-called “bad” people are healed just the same as you are.  You are all healed together when your mind has forgiven what your brother did not do.


ME:  But but but… people DO bad things!


HS:  Innocence has never been lost, and you are all healed together.  Your mind will be moved beyond the weakness of the body and into the strength of My Light.


ME:  That sounds nice, but it doesn’t sound like justice.


HS:  The miracle of healing isjust because it is an equal gift of innocence to all.  My justice is full deliverance from all forms of guilt.


The Law of Miracles is this: Healing sees no specialness.  Healing is joined.  You cannot heal without extending it to your brothers.


ME:  I’m not so sure that many people will be able to extend that kind of healing to one another.


HS:  This correction is not your responsibility.


It belongs to your Creator Who knows no one is guilty.  


If you assume the role of corrector and judge of your brother’s actions – you lose your power and give it to the ego who cannot judge fairly.


Do not confuse your role in forgiveness.


It is to see no separation between yourself and others – for to see separation is to see guilt.  And to try to remain separate and judge as though you are God is to wish to take God’s throne.


And while you sit there, you cannot see your own mistakes.


You will not see you are accusing your One Self.  Your hate will be focused on who appears outside of you and blame placed in a separate place from where you stand.


Forgiveness is shared equally among you all.


And so it is that through forgiveness the mind is Unified. It is unified by your acceptance that your brothers are part of you and you no longer wish to be in conflict with your Unity.


Your goal in forgiveness

Is but to join with God Himself.

Return to your Oneness in Him

And fulfill your only goal.

Remind yourself often what your purpose is.

It is to reintegrate yourself 

With your Self.

Logic dictates that this is a task

That cannot be undertaken alone.

So remember that your goal

Is Oneness in God.

There is no sin or error too great

To prevent yourself from forgiving your Self

For appearing separate.

This is not how you were created.

You were created One by God.

You did not make yourself.

For you are sustained by a power

And a Love beyond yourself.

The ego wants you to forget this

And to believe you are separate and alone. 

And that happiness is not your birthright.

This is not true.

You are each like your Creator.

Innocent, at One, resting in peace and eternal joy.

Claim this state of mind now

And walk out of the illusion the ego sets before you.

Walk out by releasing all judgment

For you cannot judge what you do not know

And choose peace instead of conflict. 

Do not fear your healing.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  256, 257, 258, 259, 260)