Who Are We To Blame For Our Suffering?

HS (Holy Spirit):  Suffering seems to come from the world outside you.  At times, you each have thought the world has done you wrong somehow. You may think that others have caused you to suffer.  You feel attacked and punished at times, and you are completely unconscious of what brought this on.  You each look to one another for the cause and the solution.  You take stock of your worldly predicaments, and if things are not to your liking, blame is sought. 


You each feel you are the victim of “something else” that lies outside of you and is totally beyond your control and responsibility.


ME:  Well, I’ll be the first to admit that when disaster strikes, I look around outside myself for the cause.


HS:  And it also appears to you that there is no escape when disaster strikes.  But I am here to show you how you can  escape.


ME:  Excellent!


HS:  All that you need to do is look at the problem as it is in truth.  Cease to see it in the light of your ego’s vision. Your ego has decided that vengeance must have an outward focus.  No one wants to bear the burden of being the cause of his or her own problems, and so guilt must be projected outward.  If you attack a guilty person for their “sins” against you then you reason that you must be the innocent one.  Blame is a form of self-protection the ego uses.  The ego decides the world is hurting you, and so it blames others to defend itself against it.


If the ego did not do this, it risks being accused of guilt itself, and the ego cannot tolerate that.


This seems to make perfect sense to all of you, and there is no need to argue with it otherwise.


ME:  Yes, it makes perfect sense to me.  But You are saying we are incorrect in how we handle the traumatic experiences of this world?


HS:  Yes. This view perpetuates Self attack. Attack upon those with whom you are One Self.  


ME:  Okay, so how should we shift our blame?  Just take the viewpoint that we brought this all onto ourselves?  That sounds terrible too.


HS:  That would  be a terrible point of view to take upon yourself and I don’t recommend it.


ME:  Well then what should we think?


HS:  There IS no outside attacker waiting to steal your peace.


As long as you hold someone else responsible for your pain, you will perpetuate the need for an enemy to blame.  Even if the enemy is you.  


The only way to heal your need for enemies is to cease to see them anywhere – including yourself.


Only if you and your attacker were separate would you be able to have conflict.  But you and your attacker are One and if either of you wakes to the understanding of your Oneness, the dream ends and you both  will waken from it.


ME:  Ah yes. You keep reminding me we are One and no one is separate from another.


HS:  Correct. And of all the causes of suffering you may have assigned to the world outside yourself, not once have you ever thought you were among them.  


Never did you think you would request to have these things happen to you.


ME:  Well duh. Why would I request to suffer?


HS:  This is how the illusion of this world was made.  You made a request for separation and then forgot that you made it.  How else can a false reality be maintained?


ME:  Okay, so then I would like to un-request my request for this false reality.


HS:  Good. First you must recognize that you are the dreamer of this dream.  You cannot choose to waken from a dream you do not know you are dreaming.  Otherwise you will remain helpless and a seeming victim of the world you see now.


Know that everyone you see or think of has been cast into a role, as requested by you.


And you have requested separate roles for everyone.


The world attests that you ARE separate by only showing you the separate bodies that you see all around you.  This view lends strong support for belief in your separation and even stronger evidence against your Union in My Spirit.


But I ask that you cease to look outside yourself for the truth. It is not in the world.


No one wants to admit they requested everything that has come to them in this world.  No one wants to take responsibility for the nightmares they have created out of their desire to remain separate.  You each insist that the cause of pain must be outside of you.


But you cannot be held responsible either, for your part in dreaming this world has been forgotten by you; you do not realize that you are making all this up.  You do not see the part you play in your own suffering and you cannot waken from a dream you do not know you dream.


ME:  Well it would be mighty nice of You then if You just woke us up!


HS:  I am doing so right now.  This is the beginning step, the first rousing of your dreaming mind.  You feel discomfort in knowing you sleep and are the dreamer of this dream.  Because to awaken means you must take responsibility for your experiences here. You must cease to place blame on the world and decide to cease looking for an enemy.  


You should be happy the cause of your suffering lies within your own mind – for it means you are the one who can also decide to waken.  You can decide to change your own destiny in this world of dreams.


The choice is yours:  waking to peace or remaining asleep in conflict?


It is God’s Will that you awaken gently to His peace.  Receive the truth with happiness; you are not separate from one another.  If you are one, who would be the attacker?  Who would you blame for your suffering?  


You are One Self.


And in waking, you will realize there is no death, no fear and no one terrorizing you.  You are not guilty and neither is your brother, as you both stand corrected in perfect unity before your Creator.


Forgive your brother his illusions and also you your own.  Dream gentle dreams of him instead and you will waken from the dream entirely.  


Each trial brought to you is an opportunity to see your Oneness and choose peace.  This is the choice to awaken.  Without these experiences you would remain dreaming for all eternity.  Be grateful then for every circumstance that challenges you to make the choice for peace.


Despite what you see in the world outside you

God is your refuge and security.

You are safe from it all

For you can only live in God.

There is no other place you could be

Because God is All There Is.

Therefore, do not perceive differences

Between yourself and another.

What God has joined

The ego cannot split asunder.

And if all things are One Thing

Then it is also true that if part is pure

Then the Whole is pure.

You are surrounded 

By nothing but the Love of God.

And there is nothing 

That does not share in His Holiness.

Creation’s gentleness is all there is to see.

And this you will see

Once you have freed the world

Of the guilt you laid upon it.

For you have misunderstood the world.

The images you see reflect your own thoughts.

Yours is the power to heal and release

By changing your thoughts about the world.

So look upon it with loving gratitude

Knowing it brings you exactly what you need

To change your mind about what you want.

See nothing to fear

And fear will return to nothing.

And so it is 

You will awaken from the dream of fear.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  261, 262, 263, 264, 265)