The True Use Of Memory

HS (Holy Spirit):  Do you know that memory can be used for more than just remembering what has past?


ME:  I feel like that’s a rhetorical question.  So please go on and answer for me.


HS:  Memory can be used to remember your present state of Truth.  The state you were created in before you decided to enter your bodies and forgot all you know.


ME:  You mean like our life before we came down to earth?


HS:  Yes. Your True Life.


ME:  I’m sure all of us would love to remember that.  How do we use our memory to achieve this?


HS:  Stop thinking about what is false; stop thinking about the past, the wrongs done to you and the world in general.  None of it is your Real Life.


ME:  What should we think about instead?


HS:  Miracles.


ME:  Say again?


HS:  A miracle is something that actually does nothing.  It does nothing but cancel out what is un-true about you and your life. A miracle un-does what is false about your current experience and lifts the veil of interference between Truth and lies.


By keeping memories of the past in the front of your mind, you continue to hold what is false in front of your eyes.  This false reality will be what you see, hear, and experience.  If you want to experience the Truth of your True Self and the heavenly existence that awaits you, you must cease to hold the past in the front of your mind.


ME:  I’m not sure I understand…


HS:  A miracle shows you that the past event is gone, and so are its effects along with it.  Stop believing you are still in pain from a past trauma - even if it happened only seconds ago – and you withdraw your power from it.  With your power no longer sustaining the belief in pain, you open the door for a miracle to reveal to you that no harm has been done.


In essence, the miracle requires you do nothing at all but step aside.


This is how bodies are healed.  This is how the dead are raised.  This is how world peace is achieved and mountains are moved.  


When you move out of your inner pain, the outer world moves with you.


The miracle comes when you recognize there is nothing that you must do but withdraw your energy from what you do not want; which is a repeat of the past.  So stop thinking about the past.  Stop obsessing about the world.  Do not even daydream, for even dreams in the day hold power.  


ME:  Oh boy. Well I daydream all the time.  I plan my day, I wonder about what will happen or what I should do different.  Sometimes my daydreams are pleasant and sometimes not.  How do I control them so that miracles can come through?


HS:  When such thoughts come to you, simply remember to focus your mind on your present state.  The truth about your present state is that you rest in God.  The world outside you seems vast, and all it contains could occupy your mind for ages.  Cease to think about it for a holy instant and sever your link to it.  Disengage yourself from the past, and disengage yourself from worry about the future – which will just cause a repeat of the past as your experience.


What you think about is what will repeat itself in your life. Let memory now begin to serve you in a good way.  Let go of your thoughts about the past, and allow yourself a clean alter upon which a new future may be built.


To do this, you need do nothing but let the present moment rest in peace.  And when you withdraw the power of your thoughts from what you do not want, a new future will open up to you.  One you cannot imagine, because only I can know what will give you the greatest happiness you have ever known.


You will be surprised beyond measure by what I have in store for each of you.  But you must first surrender your thoughts about what it is you  think is best for you.


Miracles can only come in peace, so you must quiet your thoughts and become still.  And in that holy instant of stillness, your lost memories of God will be returned to you. Memories that hold the truth of your power and present state of love and happiness that will replace what you think you know now.


And God will thank you for your gift of stillness; this holy instant you give to Him.  And in His gratitude will He return to you all the treasures you hold in Heaven – the effects of joining His Will and doing nothing to interfere with it.  You interfere when you believe in your thoughts of fear and conflict in place of God’s Thoughts of peace.


Such are the laws of cause and effect upheld.  What you think is what you will experience.  


Therefore, enter into My peace now, and regain the memories of your present state of everlasting joy.


These memories have not left you simply because you covered them up with thoughts of fear and conflict.  Use My peace as the bridge to another world, another reality were we live in Love together – all of us as One.  


Trust Me when I say you cannot fail to do this, and neither will I leave a single one of you behind.  You all must cross this bridge because I will not be left incomplete. You are all a part of My One Creation, and it is My Will that you return to your rightful abiding place.


Your holy Self abides in Me

You are each a part of My One Creation.

Your heart beats in My peace

For you are each a part of Me.

And I am Peace Itself.

Let all things rest in My peace

Exactly as they are Created

In harmony and Love.

To see anything 

As not a part of My Love

Is to see an untruth.


Let your sight go forth

To see only Christ’s face

And bless each person in existence.

Do not trust your body’s eyes

For they see a false identity.

The truth of your reality lies within.

It cannot be seen by those who are blind

And refuse to let Love’s Light shine

And show you how beautiful you become

When you see only One.


*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has channeled an inspiring deck of healing messages from the Holy Spirit titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  266, 267, 268, 269, 270)