Cause And Effect: Reversing Your Present Experience

HS (Holy Spirit):  You have a choice in dreams while you are here in this world.


ME:  Are You talking about our experiences here?  As in, this life is a “dream” we can change?


HS:  Yes.  You can decide at any time what type of experience you would like to have while you are here in this body.  It all depends on what it is you decide your purpose is.


ME:  Okay, so what is my purpose?


HS:  It takes a miracle to accept and truly understand your purpose.  


ME:  I don’t doubt that for a second.  So what is the miracle we need?


HS:  The miracle of acceptance and true understanding is a miracle that does not awaken you from the dream here.  It does not instantly teleport you away from this world and all your problems, but rather, it shows how you can shift this dream to a happier one.


ME:  Oh.


HS:  The miracle simply shows you that you are the dreamer.  It allows you to see that you have a choice in dreams and that the choice can be changed at any time – despite the severity of the nightmare you think you are in.


ME:  Well that’s comforting to know.  How do we bring about this miracle of realizing we are the dreamer of our own dream? The miracle of acceptance and true understanding.


HS:  You accept that you have caused the dream to begin with.  And you must accept that you have dreamed a story you do not always like. It takes a reversal in your thinking (cause) to reverse your experiences here (effects of your thinking).


ME:  Okay. Got it.  I am the dreamer and I have caused this dream by… uh… falling asleep?


HS:  Exactly. You have fallen asleep and nothing more than that.  So there should be absolutely no guilt associated with your nightmares and no problem in reversing them.


ME:  Okay, so now how do I change this dream?


HS:  You forgive it.  


ME:  How do I do that?


HS:  By understanding what true forgiveness IS.  


And what is true forgiveness except the absence of conflict?  


True forgiveness says, no one is asked to be the victim or the sufferer.  True forgiveness says you would simply like to exchange these roles for peace.


Forgiveness does not ask that you accept what another has done to you. It simply says that you would like to cease being in conflict over it.  


True forgiveness does not ask for payment or punishment of any kind in exchange for perceived “wrongdoing.”  It asks for release from all forms of pain and suffering altogether.


True forgiveness is not to exchange one dream of pain for another – but rather that you would have all dreams of pain lifted completely.


Forgiveness says, “I am not in conflict.  And not only am I not in conflict, but I choose to see only our Oneness and love you for it.  For it is God’s Will that we be at peace in Oneness with Him and I am here to fulfill His Will.”


ME:  And with that the dream is ended and we awaken?


HS:  Yes. Once you awaken to the knowledge that you dream a dream and its content is not true, your entire world will shift into Heaven.


The last step just before this shift into Heaven is made, you will lose all your fear– for no one is afraid of a dream he knows he made up.


The miracle simply shows you that you have done nothing but fall asleep in order to forget the truth of Who You Are.


ME:  And this awakening will heal everything about us; our body, our unhappiness and suffering?


HS:  Yes. You will heal in every possible way. Healing the body is only half of it. The total lesson is that in truth only the mind was the part of you that was ever sick.


Your thoughts (cause) beget your experience (effect).


Think thoughts of peace, and the world around you will move to fulfill that dream.  And what is peace but the relinquishment of all inner conflict?  And in this peace, there is no need that is not met, for your heart will not feel "needs" or "wants" of any kind.  You will rest in peace, and the world will bend to that request.  

This is a power that takes you far beyond the simple "Law of Attraction" as most people understand it.


And so, I tell you the world is full of opportunities for miracles. You are constantly challenged to choose between being the dreamer or the helpless victim of the dream.


Choose to know you are the dreamer, and the mind and the body are released.  This is because your mind finally accepts and acknowledges, “This is not something I am experiencing at random.  Nothing comes to me without my asking and I am the one doing this. And now I consciously choose to leave this painful thinking.”


And so the mind is free to make a new choice instead - the choice for peace.


The chain of choosing peace looks like this: 

Forgiveness = absence of inner conflict = peace = healing/lack of fear = awakening.


Each moment of every day

You are choosing what you want to see.

The body’s eyes will only show you 

A physical world of physical suffering.

How can this ever satisfy you?

You are tired of suffering.

So look upon the world

Using your inner eyes instead.

Use the vision given you from Christ.

The vision of forgiveness 

And peace.

All else is only an illusion.

A dream.

Let all these illusions pass you by

And rest in the stillness

Of the peace of God.

For the peace of God is His gift to you.

God’s peace belongs to you.

And each day of your life

Belongs to His Love.

Do not fear anything in the world

For it cannot touch what is Love.

The world of Love is protected

By God’s healing Voice

Which calls to you 

To transform the world 

By blessing it

With your choice for peace.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has channeled an inspiring deck of healing messages from the Holy Spirit titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  271, 272, 273, 274, 275)