What Does It Take To Keep Our Peace?

What Does It Take To Keep Our Peace?


HS (Holy Spirit):  It may be interesting for you to note that people generally believe they must do something to someone else in order to regain their peace.


ME:  How do You mean?


HS:  When someone feels their peace is lost due to someone else’s actions, they seem to believe that in order to gain it back, something must happen to that person.  The action must be corrected with equal retribution, suffering or punishment – some kind of change must happen to them.


ME:  Yes, that often seems to be the case, but I’m sure You have another suggestion as to how we can better handle our conflicts?


HS:  I do. I would like to suggest a new approach to the loss of your peace with a question: would you not rather instantly recognize when your peace is lost and give up the conflict than remain in the conflict?  Because by doing so, it would mean you would never lose your peace to begin with.


ME:  I’m not sure I understand how to “give up the conflict.”


HS:  What you don’t realize, is that once you recognize the decision process by which you willingly give up your peace in exchange for conflict, you will never decide to give it up again.


ME:  Okay, so what is the decision process by which we willingly give up our peace?


HS:  Those who believe that their peace is so weak and fragile that it must be defended or they risk losing it believe that all of their attacks against another are justified. 


What they do not understand, is that their peace lies within them, and cannot be attacked, stolen or lost unless they willingly give it up.


And what they also do not realize, is that all attack they direct towards those whom they blame for the loss of their peace, is actually directed against themselves.  


You are One Self.  And all attack is reflected back upon you. 


Have you never noticed that no matter what happens to the other person, your peace is not restored?  The conflict or pain remains, regardless of how the situation played out.


ME:  Yes, I have noticed that.  And it seems like a vicious cycle.


HS:  And it can only be broken one way.


ME:  And that is…?


HS:  To be released from conflict is to mean that you see it is over.  The door to peace is open; in fact it was never closed.  You must leave the battleground altogether.


ME:  How do we leave the battleground?


HS:  You realize there is no safety there.  You can only look down on it in safety from above.  If you stay within it, you will exchange conflict for your peace.  


This is hardly a trade worth making.


So instead, you must decide there is no conflict in this world worth giving up your peace for.  Stay out of it.  Keep your mind out of the world and rest it in My peace.  


I have given you all My people

To love as your own.

And what would you rather do?

Remain in conflict.

I would ask that you release them.

Unbind them.

Release them from the things 

You imagine they have done.

For you know not Who is within them.

It is I.

Your beloved.

You do not know that 

If you hold another prisoner to the body

You also hold yourself 

Prisoner to your own.

And if you are bound to a body

Then so am I

For I am within you all.

Yet the truth is

I created all things as free.

There is no power 

That can truly bind

What I have created free.

Your freedom and joy 

Is My eternal promise to you.

What limits can you lay upon 

A creation of God?

Give honor to all whom God Created

For it belongs to you as well. 

In this way

You release Christ upon the world

And free His people

From all you have imagined

And all that was never the truth about you.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  276, 277, 278, 279, 280)