We Do Not Want What We Think We Want

HS (Holy Spirit):  You do not want the things you think you want.


ME:  What? I’m not sure I understand.


HS:  You each are seeking things in this world, be it money, relationships, career or even health. But even as you gain some, all, or none of these things, you will remain unfulfilled just the same.  You know this is true from personal experience.


ME:  Yeah, I think You’re right.  I mean, there is an initial feeling of accomplishment when I achieve something, but then after a few weeks, days, or even hours it seems I just set another goal. The feeling of accomplishment wears off and I think about how I can get more of what I just had.


HS:  Correct. The ego would have you never cease to strive for something in the world.  No matter what you achieve or gain, the ego will still always want more.


ME:  Well what should we do about it?


HS:  Realize that it is not the accomplishments or material gains of the world you are actually seeking.  Your yearning comes from something else, and you are trying to satisfy it the wrong way. There is something deeper you are after, but you cannot name it, for you have forgotten It’s Name.  You do not remember the cause of your restlessness.


All that you strive for now is simply a substitute for what you think will serve as replacement for the Name you cannot remember.


ME:  Okay so what is this “deeper thing” we are seeking - what is the Name we forgot?


HS:  Your Father’s Love.  You have forgotten the Love of your Creator.  You do not remember the feeling of Total Unity with All Life, but you DO remember that there is something missing from your life.  


But there is no accomplishment, relationship, or material gain in this world that can substitute for It.


ME:  I believe it. What are we to do about this?


HS:  Understand that behind your search for every “idol” in the world – every material possession, everything you think you need for your body or the continuation of your bodily life – lies your deep yearning for completion.


And if you seek for your completion in a world that is an illusion of incompleteness – separation – you will never find it because you are moving in the wrong direction.  


The way to correct the direction you are moving in is to change your goal.  In order to change your goal, you must change the way you see the world.


You must assign all “idols” a new purpose, for you cannot escape your needs while you still believe this world is your home.  


The purpose of all “idols” is to learn to see beyond them and know that whether you gain or lose them you will remain perfect and complete as always, in all ways.


Strive instead to look beyond the material world to the source of your belief you are incomplete, separate, lacking and afraid.  Learn it is only the ego that wants and needs and strives, but your spirit is never lacking. Your perfection is untouchable.


You have a right to ask for what the world holds out to you – it is yours for the taking while you think this world is your home.


But you must first look in the right place for your completion or you will not find it and feel disappointed in the world every time, while you live in time.


The truth is, what you think you want, you already have.


You have simply forgotten it.


ME:  Oh, like when we can’t find our eyeglasses, but they’re just sitting on top of our head the whole time?


HS:  Yes. While you look all around outside yourself for your completion, you cannot see that you are My Creation, and as such you are already complete.  Your eyeglasses are just sitting on top of your head.  To ask for more than your Perfect Completion is impossible.  There is nothing more to have beyond All That Is.


But to experience your abundance, you must remember this truth did not disappear or become undone simply because you forgot it.  And in that forgetting, you think you have other needs beyond the memory of your completion in Me.


Your Perfection remains unchanged.


Yet striving to gain things in the world to satisfy a need you imagine you have will only serve to keep the memory of your Perfection hidden from you.  Your mind will remain closed, your thoughts preoccupied with what is outside of you.


Would you rather remain bound to the needs of this world or be freed by the memory of your completion in Me?  One or the other can be your experience, but not both.  And while you strive for the goals of this world, you, My holy Child, will remain unaware of the bliss of your true reality.


ME:  So how do we take care of ourselves here and now without “striving” while we’re experiencing this world?  It seems like we will never get past that stage in our spiritual development.


HS:  You “get past that stage” by releasing all your goals in this world into My Hands. In exchange, I will hold something different out to you.  Release all outcomes to all situations and problems to Me.  Do not worry if the future looks dim or bright, for neither matters in the world of matter.  Your future lies with Me, and I AM.  You need nothing more.  Trust in a happy outcome to all things, despite the broken road that takes you there. 


The quickest way to travel this road, is to do nothing but remember the truth: 


You can be hurt by nothing 

But your own thoughts.

Think of the wants of the world 

And you will find yourself immersed

In the wants of the world.

Think of My Name

And you will find yourself immersed

In the experience everlasting Love.

Do not be afraid of love today.

It is your true Identity.

Your true Identity abides in Me.

You can elect to change all thoughts that hurt

And thus change the world that hurts.

You are not incomplete



Or in need in any way.

To believe this

Is to ask for more of it.


Ask for only joyous things 

Through remembering My Name

And My Name is Love.

You share in My Name

For we are One Holy Love.

This has never changed about you.

Your holiness shines bright and clear today.

Let it light your way to Me.


*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has channeled an inspiring deck of healing messages from the Holy Spirit titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  281, 282, 283, 284, 285)