Why We Have Nothing To Fear

HS (Holy Spirit):  You should always feel safe, no matter where you are in the world; no matter what seems to be happening to you.


ME:  I love hearing that, but during times of stress and pain, Your promise that I am safe isn’t something that comes to mind.  It seems I only believe it when nothing unpleasant is happening to me, but I can’t remember it or put it into practice when something unpleasant is happening to me.


HS:  This is because there is one thing you do not realize or understand: We are One Thing. Because of our Unity, there is nothing that can harm you.  It is all Us and We would never hurt one another.


ME:  Again, hearing that is very nice, but it still doesn’t seem to help in a practical way.


HS:  Understand that there is no space where God is not.  There is no gap between the Creator and you, the created.  To imagine there IS a gap is not the will of either of us – for We have promised to be One.  Coming into a body is your attempt to experience separation from Me – by using the body and all the world of form and matter to create an illusion of space between what is One in truth.


ME:  And since this illusion of space between us is not the truth, we should not fear anything in the world?


HS:  Correct. This world is an attack on our Unity – an attack on God.  You each walked away with the intent to separate.  It is a choice you don’t remember making, but it can be undone. You can make the choice to un-choose separation, and when you do, you will feel safe and loved and complete for the rest of your existence.


ME:  Yes, I would love to un-choose separation – to undo the choice to walk away from You. I would love to feel safe and loved and complete for the rest of my existence.  


HS:  Then understand that separation from Me is the one thing you cannot do in truth.  It cannot happen because without God you would cease to exist – for you are completely sustained by My Love.  Decide to accept the fact that the separation never occurred.  


Rarely does any one of you question how it is you live and breathe; by what power you are held in existence.  And more rare still, is the realization that you cannot ever be parted from your Source.  Your Source desires that you exist because you are part of One Self.  God cannot abandon you any more than you can abandon your own arm. 


ME:  I feel like You keep repeating these truths to me.  And yet, You never cease to amaze me at how You continue to deepen my understanding of our Oneness.


HS:  Indeed. It is all part of the learning process and these ideas take time and repetition for your mind to assimilate.


The beautiful relationship of Oneness you have with all your fellow humans is part of you because it is part of Me.


It is through understanding your unbreakable relationship with one another through My Love that brings total healing and awakening.


And what could correct the idea of separation but the belief in the opposite?


Healing comes with the realization there is no separation.


ME:  And this thought of Oneness is why we are safe in the world - no matter where we are or what seems to be happening to us?


HS:  Yes. Either there IS a gap between each of you or there is NOT.  There is no in-between because both cannot be true.


ME:  But while we are here in these bodies, it seems like we ARE separate.  And can hurt one another.  As soon as someone does something unpleasant or awful, we feel the opposite of love and oneness with him or her.


HS:  The body can be made into a separate home, and it can seem real indeed!  But it lacks the foundation of the truth: Only what is real can last for all eternity.  And you know from your own observation that the body does not pass with you into eternity - you must leave it behind when your time here is finished. 


And because of this, you know that it is not your home, and not your true reality.  It is merely an aid to use for communication to help you return Home to Me, where you live in truth.


With this new view of what the body’s purpose is, is the body healed.


It is the choice to no longer wish to be separate, but to return to your natural state of wholeness.


Decide to no longer choose to use the body as witness to your separation.  Use it instead to see beyond all bodies to the Love that binds you all – look for your Unity.


In this way you can use the body to help heal all of God’s Creation instead of using it for sickness and dreams of death.


All miracles are based upon this choice, and all miracles will manifest the holy instant you make it.


And in this holy instant, your body will become a holy home you will use for only a little while before you return to your rightful place among the saviors of the world, because you share the Will of God to return to One Love.


And you ALL must make the choice to become a savior of the world - for your One Self depends on you to be complete. 


When you feel alone, afraid, anxious, depressed or angry, know that it is only your separation from Me that you are feeling.  To call to mind the highest truth about Who You Are in Me, and the Loving Arms that hold you safe, remember this:


The hush of heaven holds your heart today.

There is nothing to fear

Because there is nothing

That is not part of you

And what is One cannot fear Itself.

You have only one goal

And it is to remember your Unity with God

And all Creation.

Forget the past today in every human being.

Including yourself.

The past is over.  It can touch you not.

You are safe

Here in the present moment of now

Untouchable and perfect

Safe, and loved and complete

For all eternity.

Let this present happiness be all you see.


*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has channeled an inspiring deck of healing messages from the Holy Spirit titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  286, 287, 288, 289, 290)