How To Hear God's Answer

HS (Holy Spirit):  It is only when your mind is still and perfectly quiet that you are able to hear My answer to your every problem.  


ME:  Yes, You’ve told me this before, and I often forget it.  I also have trouble recognizing what Your answer even is.


HS:  I would like to encourage every single one of you to defer to Me for your every need; your every answer to every question.  Do not be afraid of how mundane, trivial or small it may seem – I am here to help you through it all.  I am the inspiration, the love and the lack of fear behind every choice you make.


ME:  So…  You want us to ask You what cloths to wear, what food to eat and what words we should say to people?  How do we get “in tune” with You on that level?


HS:  Yes, I want you to remain in constant Holy Communion with Me.  


You establish this connection to My Voice by constantly choosing to be at peace.  Inner stillness is the path to My answer.  When your heart holds conflict, My Voice is blocked.  Conflict in your heart, is the desire to ask the worldfor an answer, instead of Me.


The conflict of the ego says, “I am not happy with this situation. I wish the world was different so that I could have what I want and what I think will make me happy.”


You do not hear my Voice at all while you listen to the voice of the ego – whose wants and needs are set in the world outside you.


The world cannot give you the answer to your problems; because the world itself is the cause of them – it has no answer that will make you happy because it’s answer is always based in itself, and it is always in conflict. 


The world is in conflict, because everyone sees their problems as solved in different ways – and these ways conflict.  Someone must lose in order for someone to gain.  No one wants to lose anything to someone else.


Yet I have given an answer in which no one loses.  It is an answer that will solve ALL your problems with ONE solution, because it is My Will that they ALL be solved.  


And so it must be that I have given you a way to solve them.  I would not tell you it was possible without telling you how.


ME:  So what is Your answer to ALL our problems?  


HS:  My answer is to stop seeking for the answer where it cannot be found - in the world outside you. 


The only place you will hear My Voice and find My Answer is within you.


ME:  Okay, how do we turn our seeking inward?


HS:  When you feel a disturbance within your heart; when your mind is preoccupied with the issues of your daily life; remember this: the world is asking you only one question –“What will make me happy?  What thing, person, place or material gain will bring me freedom from suffering and eternal joy?”  


The world is asking you to believe that there is something in it that it can offer that is equal to the remembrance of the Love of God.


All the answers the world will give to the question of “What will make me happy?” are nothing more than propaganda for itself.


The world – your ego – will never direct you to ask the one and only real question you should be asking: “Where else can I look to find my happiness?  Where else can I turn (besides the world) for the answer to all my problems?”


An honest and true question that looks beyond what you know, to what you do notknow, is a powerful learning tool.


The truth is, you do not know where to find your happiness. Admitting this is a giant step forward. It is the first step in becoming open to hearing My Voice.


But while your heart holds pain and conflict – while your heart thinks its happiness can only be found in the world, “if things were different” – your mind will be blocked from My answer.


ME:  So how do we “unblock” our minds from Your answer?


HS:  Realize that the reason your mind is blocked to begin with – the reason you do not let go of your inner pain and conflict – is because you do not want an answer where the conflict ends.


ME:  Why on earth would we not want our inner conflict to end?


HS:  You cherish it because to give it up would mean that you have been wrong all along in knowing where your happiness lay.  


ME:  Whoa. I need a minute to just let that sink in…


HS:  Indeed you should.  The only time you can grasp a new question, which will give you a new answer, which will solve all your problems together at once, is the holy instant.  And the holy instant is that miraculous moment in time where your mind is still enough to hear an answer that is not of this world at all.


ME:  And I’m dying to know what that answer is!


HS:  It is that you do not really want anything in this world at all.  Your heart lies with Me, and I am Who and What you seek.


Yet, even hearing these words you feel inner resistance to them. You still think there is something you must have or be in the world in order to be happy.  You think the past needs to be different, and the present should be different, and you are hoping for a different future.


The only way the future can be different from your past and your present is to make a new choice right here and now in this holy instant.


Within the world you will find only answers that raise more questions: “What will I do after I achieve this?  Where will I go once I’ve been here or there?  Who will I find to love me next?”


In the holy instant, you lay all these concerns to rest and receive an answer that resolves them all for good.  


The One Answer is:  you already HAVE all you need; you already ARE all you could ever want to be.  You are One With All That IS, and it is enough. 


To seek for more than this, is to seek for less.


When your mind is filled with conflict, and you yearn to hear My answer, you only have to remember this:


Make this a day of stillness and of peace.

Let your mind be quiet

As you receive the Thoughts of God.

You do not know the way to fill your needs

But God is wholly certain.

And God is certain that a happy outcome

To all things is sure.

Let all fear remain in the past

For only Love is here

In this holy instant.

You ARE Love.

Your bodily needs are nothing to fear.

Neither should you fear 

The loss, harm or pain

Of another’s body.

You live in a wholly neutral thing.

The body is here only to serve you

While you seek and find your way

To the healing Truth of the Love within you.

Use only Love’s eyes with which to see

And look upon a world of dreams

You would rather pass by

Than remain in the land of forgetfulness.

Peace of mind is what you seek

In exchange for all forms of suffering.

You are saved from them

The holy instant you choose 

The peace Love brings

Instead of conflict.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  291, 292, 293, 294, 295)