How To Heal Your Body and Mind

HS (Holy Spirit):  Do you know what it means to be truly healed?


ME:  Well, I assume it means to heal both our body and our mind, since both can be sick.


HS:  You define healing as the world defines it, given your limited ability to observe and understand what healing truly is.


Healing is the acceptance of your true Identity of Oneness with All That Is, which is the acceptance of the Atonement.  In fact, “healing” and “Atonement” are identical in meaning.


ME:  I’ve always associated the word “atonement” with punishment for sins.  I grew up Catholic and hearing things like, “Atone for thy sins!”  It sounds like we’re about to be punished or something.  


And here You’re saying it actually stands for our healing?


HS:  Yes.  The phrase, “atone for thy sins” should be restated as, “correct your mistakes.”  Atonement is to correct your view of yourself and the world.  It is to understand your Oneness with All That Is. 


Atonement is simply accepting your At-One-Ment. It is acceptance of your Oneness with Me and All Creation; it is the ultimate love you can have for another because you see them as part of yourself – your One Self.


ME:  Yeah… I still struggle with that.  People out there can be so un-lovable sometimes.  I don’t want any part of them.


HS:  It is your only function here to see past the world of form and embrace the Light within that unifies you.  Accept the Atonement, and you are healed.  Atonement is the Word of God, and His Word is that you are Whole – not divided into separated parts.  


ME:  Okay, so how do You suggest I go about this “function” of mine?


HS:  Forgive the world.


ME:  (Deep sigh) You’ve said that before.  I can’t seem to master it.


HS:  What is there to “master”?  Forgiveness is to cease to try to “master” anything at all.  It is total surrender.  It is to trust what lies beyond what you think you know, and place your trust in what you do not know about any given person or situation. 


Forgiveness is simply to let go of all forms of conflict from your mind. Let all your thoughts rest in peace. Lay your pain and suffering down so that you open your mind to My healing Thoughts.  


Forgiveness is healing.  The Atonement is healing.  Both of these terms mean one in the same thing.


Forgiveness and Atonement both stand for your lack of inner resistance to What Is.


It is to turn your life over to Me in total surrender.  


It is to admit you do not know what will make you happy, or where to find it and so you would like to make a new choice instead.  


It is the choice at last, to follow instead of lead.


ME:  And yet, I can still feel my inner resistance to Your words, even though I really want to do as You say.  Considering what I know, I feel like my progress is not going as quickly as I’d like.


HS:  Your progress depends entirely on how often you apply the principle of Atonement directly to your daily life.  


In order to apply the principle of Atonement to your life, you must first understand that it excludes no one and no circumstances.  It is all-inclusive in its application.  No problem can be left outside of it, for everyone is a part of the Atonement together as One.  


For some, the lesson comes quickly – there is a very sudden awakening once they realize Atonement’s universal application.  This is a rare occurrence.


More commonly, awakening occurs at a much slower pace; for many, if the mind is awakened too quickly the Atonement is rejected out of fear.  The transition from conflict to peace is a 365-degree turn and it can be dramatic if taken too fast.  


So many of you take this turn one degree – one forgiving thought – at a time.  The more thoughts you turn towards forgiveness each day, the more quickly you will progress into a total change of mind: a total awakening.


Do not worry about how often you may fail in this.  All that matters is that you have made the choice to choose peace whenever you can.


Once this direction towards Me is decided, I ask no more of you than that, for I will not withhold anything from you simply for your lack of understanding.


ME:  And understanding is exactly what I lack.


HS:  All you must understand is that forgiveness is universally healing.  Be it your body, mind or outer circumstances in life – it can all be healed through forgiveness.  


Forgiveness is ultimately applied to only one mistake – the only mistake you have ever made: the idea that you can each somehow be separate from one another and Myself.  


To uphold this belief, the ego devises many different distractions for you.


It will tell you your body can be sick against your will, and that your mind can fear.


If it were true that the body held a power; a will; greater than yours, then the only way to escape from it would be to die.  And who would want to heal at such a price? I would never ask this of you. 


ME:  But it doesn’t seem like we choose to be sick.  Who would ever choose that?


HS:  Certainly sickness of the mind and body does not seem to be a conscious choice.  And it is not at this level you are healed.  


Healing comes when you overlook the mind and body to see only My Spirit within you – which is the truth of Who You Are – and in this recognition are all your mistakes corrected.  This is the acceptance of the Atonement and all illusions about you and others - and the world - are healed as one.


ME:  Okay, so I am trying to do this, and nothing seems to happen.


HS:  When you fail to heal, it is because you still have not remembered Who You Are.

You are still holding belief in bodies and separation.  You are still identified with the ego.  The Atonement is still being refused, and if you refuse it for yourself, how can you offer it to another for their healing?  


Mistakes do not correct mistakes.  In order to heal, you must believe only the truth about yourself in order to extend it to others and heal them also.


When you forget Who You Are and believe in the sickness you see instead, stop all your thoughts, for fear has entered and where there is fear and conflict, there am I blocked.


But once you accept the Atonement; when you accept forgiveness of all mistakes in seeing yourselves as separated; you will see its universal application to the entire world; and its power to undo and heal any form sickness may take.


For only a sick person sees himself or herself as separate from Me. And only if you are sick yourself, do you see everyone else as separate from you.


And so it is, that your only task; your only function; is to heal this sense of separation that has made you sick to begin with.  This single thought is truly at the root of all other problems, and with its healing are all problems healed with it.


Healing as Christ healed is very simple once you understand the Atonement.


It is only to withdraw your judgment from Those Whom God created perfect. 


If you want to heal as Christ healed, then remind yourself as often as you can:


Let the Holy Spirit speak through me today.

Say the Word and I shall be healed.

And what is God’s Word

But the promise of my eternal holiness

And our Oneness in God’s Love?

To recognize only this holiness

In one another

Is to extend my forgiveness to them.

It is the only gift I have to give.

It is to never forget

That I love you Father

And I love all Whom You Created

Perfect as myself.

Eternal holiness abides in us.

We cannot destroy it

By seeing ourselves as less than perfect.

Our perfection stands forever in Your Light.

And in it are all things healed

For we remain as You created us.

Let no false perception of ourselves

Keep us held in bondage.

We have only lost our way

For a little while

And once we restore our True Identity

To our holy minds

This world will only last an instant longer.

For then our healing will be complete

And such lessons as it gives

Will no longer be needed.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

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 (Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  296, 297, 298, 299, 300)