Undoing The Fear Of Death

HS (Holy Spirit):  And now let us talk about a thought that all minds fear; what all minds are united against and avoid at all cost: Death.


ME:  Yeah, I’d agree that the thought of death makes most of us feel uncomfortable in some way or another.


HS:  This is because the idea it represents is the greatest illusion of all: the illusion that you can die, cease to exist or be destroyed.  It is the illusion from which all other illusions about Who You Are stem. 


ME:  Yes, we fear to no longer exist.  And I also think another big fear – one I hear people talk about all the time when it comes to death - is simply the fear of the unknown.  We’re not at all sure about what exactly happens to us after we die, and there’s the scary possibility it could be worse than where we are now.


HS:  Is it not enough pain and suffering to think of yourselves as being born, aging, withering from disease and then dying in the end?  No matter how you lived your life, this is the outcome for each of your bodies.  What could there be that causes more fear than the world you think you live in now?


I promise you, there is no place on earth that can even compare in scale or magnitude to the beauty, peace and joy that awaits you upon re-joining with Me.  All this is yours once you remember your true Identity.


It is understandable, that with only the evidence the world provides, that you would perceive God as unloving and one who would condemn you death without mercy.  


Who would trust and love a god that created you, only to destroy you?


Death IS the symbol of the fear of God.


And this fear is firmly rooted in your belief that you are a body.  And if God created you only as a body - and the loss of it as the end of your existence - then death would indeed be real and indeed be something to fear.


But I tell you, this is not the truth; death is only an illusion – and one you use to maintain your fear of Me.


ME:  Okay, well saying that doesn’t make me believe in the “illusion” any less.  I still don’t want any of my loved ones to die and leave me – even if they DO go on in the afterlife.


HS:  Without the idea of death, you would never perceive yourself as losing anyone ever again – you would perceive life as everlasting and continuous.  There would be no “body” to lose.


Without the belief in death, all illusions about your Identity would end.  


And the end of all illusions is our goal here.


ME:  It seems like a lofty goal, given how real the illusion of death appears.  I have no idea how to go about giving up the “realness” of death.


HS:  Your task in letting go of the illusion of death and all the fear you have given it is very simple: Do not believe in anything associated with it.


ME:  What exactly do You mean?


HS:  The body is associated with death; therefore you must let go of your belief in the body as your identity.  Let this illusion be carried to the truth.  


Do not be deceived when bodies seem to come and go from this world.  Do not be deceived by changing forms, for truth is steadfast and unchanging.  Truth is eternal.


And the truth about you is your eternal Identity in Love.


ME:  So how do we end our belief in death?


HS:  It is the simple realization that you are a part of God and will remain so now and for all eternity; you will never cease to be “alive.”  


That is all.  


Remember this with each breath you take until the last.  Remember it for yourself and all whom you hold dear.


You can never be parted from Me and you can never be lost from one another. 


While you think you are here in bodies, you are actually the farthest you will ever be from those you love.


In your current state, you are the farthest from both those you love now and those whom you have forgotten that you love.


ME:  Whom have I forgotten that I love?


HS:  All those that came before you, are here now, and will come after you.  You have forgotten your love for all Whom I created equal with you in Love and Light.


This will all be remembered when the fear of death is overcome.


And you do not have to “die” and leave your body to accomplish this.


It is a lesson that can be learned now.  


To speed this remembering process, simply let your mind rest upon these words with total faith and acceptance:


And God Himself will come 

And wipe away all your tears.

Where darkness was

You will once again

Look upon the light.

Let the holy Christ step forward

And be born in you now

As replacement where the thought

Of death crept in. 

This single thought 

Covered your true Identity

And blocked the truth from your holy mind.

Be lead from the darkness now

And behold the sight of Christ.

Rest in a peace so deep and quiet 

No form of death could ever disturb it.

This is a peace 

Only the Christ within you can give.

It is the peace of knowing

You can never be parted

From what Love created

One with you and Itself

For all eternity.

The darkness cannot hold you

And the Light will never let you go.

*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  301, 302, 303, 304, 305)