Releasing Conflict And Allowing Peace

HS (Holy Spirit):  No one can heal another, unless they themselves are first healed.


ME:  Well that makes sense, but I thought YOU did the healing anyway, not us.


HS:  It is true you must ask Me to do the healing for you, but I cannot come through unless you first let yourself be healed.  This is how you offer healing to others – you give what you have received.  


Always, healing is first for you.


Always, I am speaking of healing directly to each you, and no one else.  And by your listening to My Voice, does My healing extend outward from you.


ME:  If You are speaking of healing to each of us all the time, it seems we’re not hearing You very well.  I mean, it just seems like there would be more miraculous healings going on if knew what we were doing.


HS:  This is because most of you only hear My Voice half the time, or less.  When you hear My Voice, your mind is at peace. Think how often your mind is at peace, and you will have an idea of how much of your time is spent listening to My healing messages.


No one is healed while their mind is split between conflict and peace – the ego and the Holy Spirit.  No one can be healed through such double messages.


If you are afraid to listen only to My Voice of peace, then you are afraid to let go of fear and you are afraid of healing. If you are afraid to be healed, then it cannot come to you.


Therefore, the only thing required for healing, is a lack of fear – your mind must rest in total peace, with a lack of conflict in any form.


ME:  Well how do we overcome that?  Conflict enters our minds all the time!  It sounds impossible.


HS:  Let Me clarify; the conflict does not have to be gone from your mind forever in order for you to heal.  It just has to be gone for an instant.


This simply means, that for an instant, you love without attack.  A miracle does not require time for it to work – but it does require peace.


ME:  What does it mean to “love without attack?”


HS:  You will be healed the holy instant you cease to think of yourself and all others as bodies. Bodies are an attack on your Unity, for the body hides what is One in truth.  It creates a sense of isolation and separation between you.


Let go of this idea for just a holy instant, and the miracle of healing will enter your mind to take its place.  From there, your mind will move into a state that transcends all problems, all pain, and all conflict.  You will arrive at the doorstep of My peace and be healed of all your suffering.


ME:  Our problems seem to be legion.  It seems like it would take a mighty miracle to heal them all. 


HS:  The healing that awaits you will not only take care of specific problems as you see them, but it will generalize to include the world – no matter how varied they may appear.  


Healing will extend to problems you didn’t even know existed.


ME:  That sounds amazing.  But I still don’t understand how we achieve this level of healing.


HS:  The world you see is a reflection of the state of your inner mind.  And you do not like the reflection that you see, am I correct?


ME:  Yes, that is correct.  


HS:  And what happens when you stand in front of a mirror, and you do not like the reflection that you see?  What are your choices?


ME:  Well, I could try to improve what I see somehow…  Maybe put on some makeup?


HS:  Indeed, that is one option.  However, the mirror can only reflect back to you your every move.  A reflection cannot change itself - the reflection cannot change unless you change.  So if all you know is how to stand in front of the mirror, and modify what is already there, how can you make any real change? 


ME:  Well what other option do we have? 


HS:  Stop looking in the mirror.  Turn around and walk away from the reflection altogether.


ME:  Whoa. Wait.  What?  How?


HS:  Step out of your conflicts.  Do not engage with any feelings that are not peaceful.  


Walk the other way from them.  


Move into a state of peace.  Therein lies your total healing.


You are under no obligation to respond to the mirror at all.  Since the world mimics your inner state, what would happen if your inner state refused to engage with it?  What if your inner state engaged in only peace?


The world outside you could do nothing but realign itself with your new choice and show you a new reflection.  It would have no choice but to change as you have changed.


This change is what invites the holy instant.  The holy instant is the birthplace of miracles.  


All that a miracle requires is for your mind to move from a state of conflict to peace.  


And true healing will come, because it is My Will that you be at peace, living in joy and happiness without discomfort.


The world presents you with many different forms of conflict; each depending upon what type of relationship you have – be it with a person, money, living conditions, food, health, addiction or anything else.  


The common healing element among them is the desire for peace with your thoughts of suffering surrounding the “problem.”


The decision to walk away from feelings of conflict in exchange for peace elevates you far above the ego, transcending your mind to the truth.  And from up there you can accept the miracle of healing.  


If you choose to walk away from your feelings of conflict, you automatically choose the opposite: peace.  This is because there are only these two choices: conflict or peace, the ego or the Holy Spirit.  And of those two choices only one of them is the truth.  


Peaceful communion with God is all there is – conflict is an unnatural state and therefore causes you suffering.


And no one can make this choice alone, for Unity by definition requires more than you alone.  


So be still and recognize your need for peace. 


Be still and accept your only goal of peace.  


Remember the world you see is an outer reflection of your inner state.


And what is it you would rather see?  The absence of pain and conflict.


Your days may seem to be filled with an endless parade of unhappy emotions ranging from mild irritation and general stress, to full-blown panic, anxiety or rage.


How would you fix such problems?  How do you change the reflection you are experiencing? 


Walk away from the mirror altogether; choose peace through forgiveness of what the mirror holds.


Forgiveness is your total surrender unto the present moment – releasing the past and future together.  


Forgiveness in its truest form is to cease all conflict within.


This may seem impossible at times; therefore leave all your learning to One Who truly understands your predicament, and Who can guarantee that you remain at peace as you were created.


Your only part is to give the small willingness to allow such change to happen, and He will do the rest.


And you will learn that peace has been given you when you accept the healing for yourself – and from each of you it will extend to all the world; transforming it with a miracle.


The gift of peace

Is the gift of Christ

And it is the only thing we wish to seek.

Conflict cannot be our wish

Because it is the opposite of peace.

There is nothing else to want or have

In this holy instant.

If we choose peace in this holy instant

We surpass time altogether

And enter into eternity

Where we will experience

The truth of Who We Are.

So let us not fear to look within.

Let us not fear to see

That we agree with God.

We agree that peace is all we want.

And in so doing

We join our will with God’s

And become transformed 

Through His grace.

And so we choose to spend each day

In fearlessness and love

And thankfulness to Him Who

Gave us the path to set ourselves free.




*       *      *

~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

“Awakening To One Love: Uncover the inner peace and joy hidden within you”

And as daily guidance on the path to Awakening, she has channeled an inspiring deck of healing messages from the Holy Spirit titled:

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  306, 307, 308, 309, 310)