Who Is A Master And Who Is A Student?

HS (Holy Spirit):  The sign of a true Master is not the one who has the most students, but the one who has created the most Masters.


It may be only one person.


A true Master can accept this.


ME:  That sounds like good advice.  Why are You telling me this?


HS:  There is a preponderance of time spent on gaining “followers” as your technology progresses, enabling you to reach a seeming limitless amount of people.


ME:  Ah You’re talking about the internet.


HS:  Yes. And in its enormity, the sight of the individual is being lost.  But, it is a necessary step in your spiritual progress.  You must tread carefully across this threshold.


ME:  Okay, so how should we handle “gaining followers?”


HS:  Understand how your society has progressed from where you were, and where you are heading now.


In the past, you fought over your differences.   Wars have been fought based solely upon the color of your skin, the region you live in, and the social beliefs you hold.


Then a shift towards peace began.  Society began a shift into “tolerance” which you praised as a celebration of your differences – rather than fighting over them. 


And now it is time to shift into the next phase of your social development: the celebration of your sameness; a stage that may seem to take a long time as you see it, but this phase can be expedited.  


ME:  How so?


HS:  By ceasing to see any differences between each other at all.  There is a sameness that binds you all to One Mind, and it is time to make a conscious shift towards that Vision of Holiness.


And in this day and age, with such abundant access to sharing of information and ideas, the time is ripe for such a leap.  The time is right for both teachers and students to make a grand and glorious leap in consciousness.  And I assure you, you are each a student and a teacher of one another.


However, there may appear to be a temporary imbalance of knowledge, so that there appears to be a difference between student and teacher.  One may have “followers” while another appears to be a follower.


It is a delicate time now for each.  


It is of utmost importance that both see one another as equals in My Creation.


There is only one thing that is real in any relationship: My Love that binds you in Life and Light.  All My creations are created equally as such.  Without your seeming differences in bodily appearance, this would be obvious.


But you who dream you live in bodies must learn to see there are no differences between you Who I created perfect.


It is said that God looked on all He created and called it good.


The truth is; He declared it perfect.  And so it was, and so it shall be for all eternity.


For what God created perfect cannot be undone or changed simply by denying the truth.


And so it is, that in every relationship you have, no matter how long the duration or contact, you have yet another opportunity for good.  


What will you choose?  To see the differences between you?  Or the sameness in Love and Light?


Will you reject them based upon a difference in appearance or opinion?


Or will you overlook the ego and love them anyway?


Yet this goal in every relationship is not set by you, and though some may end in less than peaceful ways, there is always something to be learned. 


The goal of every relationship is a lack of judgment; for Mine is the Last Judgment. 


It may seem impossible to you to love another and overlook your seeming differences.


And in many relationships, this point is never reached. Yet you will both be changed for the better in the process of trying.  


When judgment ceases, total healing will come.


And therein lies your sameness: your joined goal of healing and learning how to heal.  


No teacher would long remain here if they were already perfect; therefore all are students and teachers alike.


However, there may be great temptation in the one, who for a time, has progressed slightly father on the path to awakening than another, to see themselves as “above” them.  


One must be cautioned against misusing this role – this obsession with gaining “followers” - and the temptation to see oneself as greater than another.


To bypass this temptation, one must recognize the equality of themselves and whom it is they are trying to reach.  


The ego will always defend specialness.  And you each have a responsibility to uphold the thought of Oneness in one another.  


The inability of one to “see” and “hear” what is within all of you alike, does not limit the Holy Spirit in any way.  The only limit on this is seen in time, where there may be the temporary experience of lack of communication.  


Yet this is only an illusion.  Communication between God and yourselves is never compromised and cannot be broken.  God waits only on your glad acceptance of His Love to hear His Word.


What is God’s Last Judgment?


It is the gift of hearing the Voice for God

Proclaim that you are not different than 

The Perfection you were created as.

Release the world 

From the harsh judgments of the ego

Which says that you have sinned.

You have each played the role

Of sinner and redeemer.

No one is exempt.

And ALL are included

In the final proclamation 

Of your joint innocence.

See all things as God would have them be.

Let a new perception come to you.

Behold all things in the holy Love and Light

God created you as.

And in this Holy Vision

You will witness a change in the world.

The future will become different from the past.

You will see the gift of love and light

Each of you gives one another

Through your joint creation 

In God’s Holy Love.

This Love

And only this Love

Is true about every relationship you have.

It is all that lies between you.

No differences you see now

Can cause it to be untrue.

*       *      *

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~ Beth Geer: Author of the highly acclaimed, newly released book of extraordinary channeled conversations with the Holy Spirit: 

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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  311, 312, 313, 314, 315)