Why Do Some Prayers Go Unanswered?

HS (Holy Spirit):  To many of you, it seems there is no rhyme or reason as to why some prayers are answered and others seem to go unheard or ignored by Me.  


The majority of you assume that there must be something you did wrong in praying or there is something you must do to earn the answer you desire, or you assume you are being punished – all reasons you see for the answer being withheld.


This is reasoning as the ego sees it.


I would tell you that ALL prayers are answered.  No prayer goes unheard, ignored or unanswered.  It is impossible for Me NOT to hear them.  We are One Love, and being One, I know all your heart desires.


And those desires are answered and given you accordingly, though you may not believe it is true.


This is because you do not understand the mechanism through which you ask, and often, you do not know you ask for what will only hurt you further.


And a good parent does not give their child something dangerous, though the child, in its ignorance, cries and begs for it with all its might.


Yet all your prayers are answered.  If you ask for the things of this world you will receive what is of this world.


You seek the treasures of this world, even though none of them can be taken with you.  


You are tempted to make illusions of happiness real – though the world cannot give true happiness no matter what scenario you are asking for, because all will one day come to an end.


You are tempted to make this world your true home - your one and only reality.


This world holds many things that offer a powerful appeal to many of you – health, wealth and fame to name a few - yet none of it is real. None of it comes with you into My Kingdom.  


And these are the things you are tempted to ask for.  They understandably hold more appeal than those that you would notwant to have, such as illness, poverty, and loneliness.  


Yet all these things – whether you see them as “good” or “bad” go hand in hand.  To ask for one, is to ask for it ALL - the seeming good andbad.


And so you pray for some things and not others; you pray that part of the illusion be real for you but not the rest.


You cannot have a partial illusion.  You are either asking for the whole illusion or not. 


And a prayer for any illusion to be true will indeed set you back, for if it were answered in the way you ask – if the world were arranged to make you happy as you see fit – you would be asking that God limit you.  


If all things were given to a child as they asked, they would not grow to become a discerning and wise adult.  


And if you ask for things of the world, you will be asking for what is limited.  You ask as a child asks.  


The world is limited in that all things in it have an appointed end. You therefore ask for less than perfection, for there is no limit or end to what God would give you if you would only know to ask for that instead.


God knows no limits, but you wish to limit yourself.  


And so you must be taught how to pray effectively, so that you do not receive less than what you deserve.


Understand that God does not depend on your words in your asking. True communication is made through the desires of your heart, and it is this voice He answers.  You and God share this Voice together, for through it you are joined.


Prayer is the greatest gift God has bestowed upon each of you – the power to work directly with His Will and thus make Heaven manifest on earth. This power was given each of you upon your creation.


Together, you share the Voice of God - the single voice of Creator joined with creation - and you combine your voice to sing the song all Heaven sings.


It is the song of true prayer.  It is the song of Love and gratitude for each other.  


Do not let your heart be troubled by the fears and wants and needs the world may proclaim you must have.


Give all this over to the One Who knows your greatest need: to be free of it all.  To be at peace, filled with joy beyond words or measure.  To experience the satisfaction of completion and oneness with All That IS.  


True prayer is not to make this illusion a more pleasant illusion, but rather, to let go of illusions altogether.  It is to let go of outcomes in the world as you see them.  


True prayer is the ladder by which one climbs higher to God. 


Prayer is not something to bargain with for more comfortable living, and its answer is not something withheld as punishment.  


However, when you ask for nothing – when you ask for illusions to be real – you will often experience nothing.  And so it is true that as you ask, so you shall receive.  


Ask, instead, to receive your highest good.  Ask it for yourself, and ask it when you pray for others.  Let it be your only request.  


Do not ask for health, wealth, or fame, for you ask for far to little. 


Ask only that God’s Will be done, and not your own.


And know that suffering is not My Will for you.


My Will is that you let go of those things that cause you to suffer to begin with.  My Will is that you clear your altar of all needs except one: that all blocks be removed from the experience of My Love.  


It is true that those who seek first the Kingdom of Heaven will indeed be given all else besides.


Ask for nothing and your will receive everything.  Not because you are more deserving than another, but because the world no longer tempts you to place anything above Me in your heart.


Come with empty hands to the altar of God and He will fill them beyond all earthly measure.


True prayer is to step aside and let the best possible outcome unfold as God sees it, not as you demand it be.  


True prayer is a time of quiet listening and loving.  It is a time to let go of all things you think you want or need.  It is to rest in God and let His Voice speak to you of the truth of Who You Are.


And know this: prayer is continuous.  The voice of your soul never ceases to speak to God, for your connection cannot be broken.


So let your heart rest in peace, so that peace may be welcomed by you at last.  This is God’s Will for you, and you share it with Him because your Will is One.


Remember that prayer is a gift.

Give this gift to everyone you meet or think of

By extending only loving thoughts to them.

For such gifts will be returned you


And so it is

You follow in the way appointed you by God.

In you

Are salvation’s means and end,

Joined as one.

Only you can decide to bless

Instead of condemn.

This is what you came here to do.

You came for salvation of the world.

Let this be your only prayer:

That God’s Will be done

And not your own.

The power to ask for this

And only this

Is the highest thing you could ever pray for

And God will answer.

For God has given all power unto you.


~ Holy Spirit


*       *      *


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(Message from the Holy Spirit inspired by: A COURSE IN MIRACLES Workbook Lessons:  316, 317, 318, 319, 320)